Today, 25 April, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


25 April 1978: 74562521BG Private Alan David Dixon from 16 Maintenance Unit at Grootfontein was killed just outside the town of Rundu when his Magirus Deutz truck, loaded with supplies for the 32 Battalion element stationed at Nkurenkuru, overturned when the vehicles front tyre suffered a blow-out, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. He was crushed inside the drivers cab. He was 19.

25 April 1980: 70394770PE Lieutenant Peter Henry Hollis from 8 Squadron was Reported Missing in Action over Southern Angola while flying Atlas MB326KM Impala Mk II, Serial Number 1029. He was part of a pair of Impala aircraft on an armed reconnaissance mission in Southern Angola when they located and attacked an enemy target. While he was pulling out from the attack, the aircraft was struck by enemy ground fire and burst into flames. Peter was seen to eject but no further news was received and he was not seen on the ground. A Special Forces Team recovery was immediately inserted into the area and they recovered his body, still attached to his parachute. It appeared that Peter had not lowered his seat prior to ejecting and his head had struck the canopy on ejection. His neck was broken on impact with the canopy, killing him instantly. He was 25.

25 April 1980: 78443991BG Sapper Adeo Marais from the School of Engineers was killed instantly in an accidental explosion at the Units ammunition store. He was 17.

25 April 1981: 76389154BG Corporal Barend Frederick Burger from the South African Catering Corps was killed in a military vehicle Accident at Elandsfontein. He was 20.

25 April 2002: Captain Brett Burmeister from 85 Combat Flying School was killed when his Atlas MB326K Impala Mk II, Serial No. 1091 flew into rising ground about 5km east of the Albasini Dam between Louis Trichardt and Messina while he was carrying out a low-level tactical navigation exercise. He was 25. 


    1977 – Patrol Officer Christopher John "Chris" MORGAN, Uniform, BSAP, killed on active service. Killed aged 20 by "friendly fire" in Chipinga, Op Thrasher, in a shooting accident with a shotgun, having been mistaken for the enemy by a police reservist during a sweep in a maize field after a reported CT sighting. His funeral service took place in Salisbury on 28 April.

    1979 – Rifleman Gideon Edward (Eddie) BECKING, 4th Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment, KIA. Killed when the vehicle Eddie and a friend were travelling in struck a boosted landmine in the Op Thrasher area. Eddie, a farmer who owned the Sabi Star holiday resort 70 km from Umtali in the Cashel area, had previously been abducted by ZANLA CTs on 16 May 1976. He was later released (September 1976) in Mozambique (probably held in Vila Pery) as he was a South African citizen, with that country's government negotiating directly with their counterparts in Mozambique. Upon his return to Rhodesia he was keen to get back into action after his treatment at the hands of ZANLA. He related how he and his captors had hidden in a culvert as a unit of 4RR troops stood talking above them on the road. See also Perkins below.

    1979 – Officer Cadet William John “Willie” PERKINS, 4th Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment, KIA. Killed when the vehicle he was travelling in struck a boosted landmine, aged 21. See also Becking above.

    1979 – Auxiliary Constable Adam Mukombwe CHUNDU, Police Reserve, BSAP, KIA. Killed in a CT action in the Karoi area, Op Hurricane, at the age of 49. He was buried in a private service in Karoi on 1 May.

    1979 – Constable Perusa Claudius MATUTSA, Uniform, BSAP, KIA. Killed in a CT action in the Gwelo area, Op Grapple, at the age of 32. His private funeral was held in Mkoba Cemetery, Gwelo, on 2 May. See also Mtisi below.

    1979 – Constable Nyika MTISI Uniform BSAP, KIA. Killed in a CT action in the Gwelo area, Op Grapple, at the age of 35. His private funeral was held at Mkoba Cemetery, Gwelo, on 2 May. See also Matutsa above.

    1980 – Corporal J. MAKOKOWA, 7 Squadron, Rhodesian Corps of Engineers, died on active service. Died in a vehicle accident. 

    † Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


    • April 25, 2017
    • Piet Fourie
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    • April 12, 2020
    • Elize Marais

    Adeo Marais was my jonger boetie. My dogter is na hom vermoem, Adea.

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