Today, 6 May, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


06 May 1976: Two crew members from 27 Squadron were Reported Missing when their Piaggio P166S Albatross, Serial No. 894 disappeared south of Dassen Island while returning from a long range West Coast Sea Patrol. Months later, some wreckage from this aircraft was recovered from the nets of a fishing trawler. The crew have no known grave and remain unaccounted for. They were:

  • 66000134PE Major Raymond Hall Carter. He was 52.
  • 67292300PM Captain Gideon Machiel Albertus Rossouw. He was 25.

06 May 1982: 82702705PP Lieutenant Raymond Roderick Hughes from 6 Squadron was killed near Port Elizabeth while approaching to land in Atlas MB326M Impala Mk I Serial No. 550 while returning from a routine training flight. Bad weather and poor visibility caused Lt Hughes to mistake the airport hangar and perimeter lights for the runway lights and both pilots only ejected once the aircraft started hitting trees to the South of Port Elizabeth Airport. The instructor, Captain Rob Turner survived due to his parachute snagging on trees and slowing down his fall but Lt Hughes unfortunately fell along an open pathway and had nothing to break his speed as they had ejected with a downward vector that was outside the envelope of the zero-zero ejection seats. He was killed instantly when his seat impacted with the ground. He was 25.

06 May 1983: 74547506BT Rifleman Louis Smit from Regiment Westelike Provinsie suffered a fatal heart attack and died while on a foot patrol in the Operational Area. He was 25.

06 May 1991: 78201359BT Gunner Phillipus Andries van der Merwe from 25 Field Regiment was killed when his Buffel Troop Carrier overturned at Batavia. He was 18.

06 May 1992: 90073818BG Rifleman Ralph Jeffrey Steyn from 3 SAI was killed at Imbali Township near Pietermaritzburg when his Buffel Troop Carrier suffered brake failure and overturned. He was 22.


1967 – Field Reservist (Pilot) Alfred Dendy LAWTON, PRAW, BSAP, killed on active service. Killed in an aircraft accident, seven miles from Umtali on the Penhalonga Road. His plane crashed during a combined air and ground Op at Toronto Farm, Penhalonga. He was dropping a spool of film or a message to a PATU team on the ground. He was 55 years old and is buried in Umtali. Assistant Senior Commissioner Eric White and Lawton's observer, Police Reservist Bill Perkins, suffered severe burns.

1976 – District Security Assistant Ben NGAWAITE, Keep Protection, Intaf, killed on active service. Killed in Inyanga, Op Thrasher.

1976 – Rifleman Arthur Gabriel PUNCHEON, 1 (Independent) Company, Rhodesia Regiment, KIA. Died from a gunshot wound, in an ambush. Died in Andrew Fleming Hospital, at the age of 21. Buried in the Pioneer Cemetery, Salisbury.

1976 – Corporal Richard Keni SHAMBANI, 2 Platoon, A Company, 1st Battalion, RAR, killed on active service. Accidental shooting in the operational area, aged 28 years. Nhowo (RAR journal) lists his death as killed in action.

1977 – District Security Assistant, Lovemore CHAKANETSA, Keep Protection, Intaf, died on active service. Killed in Wedza, Op Thrasher.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • May 06, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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