Today, 27 May, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


27 May 1969: Two members of 28 Squadron were killed instantly when the private motorcycle they were riding crashed at the notorious “Death Bend” in Johannesburg. They were:

  • 05518691 Air Sergeant Terence McKelvin. He was 24. (Driver)
  • 65421315 Air Mechanic Anthony Edward Dwyer. He was 20. (Pillion Passenger)

27 May 1981: 75536508BG Rifleman Terence Rodney le Roux from 5 SAI was Killed in Action while on patrol from Etale base close to the Charlie pipeline. The 7-man patrol was following spoor when they were ambushed by a force of approximately 70 SWAPO/PLAN insurgents who opened fire on them with PKM and RPD machine-guns as well as 60mm mortars and RPG-7 Rocket launchers. Le Roux suffered two bullet wounds to the chest and one to the head that killed him instantly. He was 22.

27 May 1990: 84247196BG Signaler Alan Vernon Campbell from 2 Signal Regiment was killed in a military vehicle accident on the Pietersburg Highway. He was 21.


1975 – Section Officer (T) Derek "Yorkie" FITCH, Special Branch, BSAP, killed on active service. Died aged 43 from an accidental gunshot wound to the abdomen at Mtoko Police Station, Op Hurricane. Cremated at Warren Hills, Salisbury.

1975 – Rifleman Alfred John Miles "Alfie" MAYHEW, 2nd Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment, killed on active service. Killed in a shooting accident, Dotito, Mt Darwin, Op Hurricane. Died aged 25. Buried in Athlone Cemetery, Bulawayo.

1976 – Rifleman Carl Milton WIENAND, 3 (Independent) Company, Rhodesia Regiment, killed on active service. Killed in an accidental explosion involving a hand grenade near Gairezi River, Troutbeck (VR949054) at the age of 18. Buried in Bulawayo.

1977 – Constable Urayai CHIKONZO, Uniform BSAP, KIA. Died in hospital from wounds received in a vehicle ambush two days earlier, at the age of 23. His private funeral was held at Buhera on 3 June.

1977 – District Assistant, Wilfred MASUNGA, Regular Intaf, killed on active service. Killed in Chipinga, Op Thrasher.

1977 – Tribal Militia Dennis MOYO, Chief's Staff, Intaf, killed on active service. Killed in Gwanda, Op Tangent.

1979 – 2nd Lieutenant John William WALTERS, 2 Commando, 1st Battalion, RLI, killed on active service. Killed in a vehicle accident on operations. Awarded the Sword of Honour at the School of Infantry officers' course No. 25 in February 1979.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • May 27, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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