Today, 31 May, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


31 May 1966: 21502 Brigadier Jan Harmse Burger SM OBE from 16 Combat Group collapsed and died after suffering a fatal heart attack while attending a Parade at Voortrekkerhoogte. He was 49.

31 May 1978: 75288555BG Lance Corporal Yvan Mark L’Hoest from 1 SAI Died of Wounds in 1 Military Hospital after suffering multiple shrapnel wounds in an accidental Hand Grenade Explosion in Northern Owamboland. He was 20.

31 May 1982: 76900364SP Corporal Mario Jose from 32 Battalion was Killed in Action during a contact with enemy forces in Southern Angola. He was 26

31 May 1984: 71391601BT Rifleman Kevin James Morrow from Regiment Port Natal was stationed at Ondangwa, Owamboland. He, together with a few other soldiers were tasked to act as a protection element for a Technical Service Corps crew who were sent out to recover a broken down Buffel vehicle. The Buffel vehicle was located and hitched to the recovery vehicle whereupon Kevin took up a position on the back of the recovery vehicle. While on the return journey to Ondangwa, the driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to overturn with Kevin still sitting on the back. He was killed instantly. He was 29.


1971 – Patrol Officer Christopher Hugh UTLEY, Uniform BSAP, killed on active service. Died in a shooting incident at Epworth.

1976 – Rifleman Simon Laurence Patrick MANN, C Company, 9th Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment, KIA. Died from a gunshot wound, in a night ambush, in the Rusambo area, Op Hurricane. Died aged 30. Buried in Gwelo.

1979 – Constable KEYI, Uniform BSAP, killed on active service. Died in tragic circumstances, aged 39 years. His private funeral was held at the Hyde Park Cemetery, Bulawayo, on 2 June.

1979 – Guard Loveros MANYANI, AHQ Bravo 3, Op Thrasher, Guard Force, KIA. Killed in an ambush, Dzorora Farm, southeast of Chipinga, Operation Thrasher (locstat VN728562). At 06:45 a Guard Force three-man mine patrol was ambushed by 18-20 CTs, and in the initial fire fight, Loveros was killed instantly and another guard wounded. The patrol had very little chance considering the number of CTs and was without communication. Guard E.F. Mutimuri, however, despite the circumstances, displayed a great deal of courage and determination fighting the CTs for approximately 15 minutes. In returning fire, Mutimuri expended all four of his magazines, before getting hold of the dead guard's magazines and continued to return fire using a further two magazines. He stopped firing when he realised the CTs had fled, dropping some of their equipment that was recovered later. It is believed he wounded one of the CTs. Mutimuri was put forward for a Commander's Commendation.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • May 31, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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