Today, 4 July, we salute and honor the following men who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


04 Jul 1974: 70418850N Trooper Jan Albertus Kotze from 1 Special Service Battalion was killed in a Military Vehicle Accident in Eastern Caprivi. He was 19.

04 Jul 1979: 76246891BG Rifleman Balthazer Johannes Carolus van der Walt from SWA SPES was killed when his Buffel Troop Carrier overturned near Ruacana. He was 19.

04 Jul 1979: 7624569BA Rifleman Carlo Johannes Kotze from 1 SAI was critically injured in a military vehicle accident at Otjiwarongo Base on 3 July 1979. He was evacuated to 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria where he succumbed to his injuries on 04 July 1979. He was 19.

04 Jul 1981: 77203321BG Rifleman Pieter Adriaan van Niekerk from 6 SAI was accidentally shot dead by own forces in Southern Angola in a friendly fire incident during Ops Carnation. He was 20.

04 Jul 1983: 66437336PE Staff Sergeant John Christian Anthony Oliver from the South African Engineer Corps was critically injured when his Samil 50 vehicle overturned at Moshesh near Rundu. He succumbed to his injuries a short while later. He was 33.

04 Jul 1984: 79080644PC Sergeant Johnny Ralph Adams from the Army Catering Corps was grievously burned on 2 July 1984 when a phosphorus grenade exploded while he was playing with it in a bunker at Hurricane Base, Ruacana. He died in 1 Military Hospital on 4 Jul 1984. He was 23.

04 Jul 1986: Two members from 1 Parachute Battalion were killed in a Military Vehicle Accident at Richmond in the Cape. They were:

  • 80250376PE Corporal Jacobus Nicolaas Claase. He was 21.
  • 82535154BG Rifleman Richard Alexander Knipe. He was 20.


04-Jul-75 Rfn Willem Emerick 8th Bn RR KIA Died from multiple shrapnel injuries, Kandeya TTL, Mt Darwin, Op Hurricane. Died aged 28.

04-Jul-79 Snr Cdt Benjamin "Benny" Gous NS Intaf KIA by a landmine explosion in the Belingwe district. He stopped the vehicle he was driving to move a branch that had fallen across the road, and from the damage caused to the vehicle and the road, it was estimated that the landmine had been triple-boosted. Benny was 21 years old.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten † 

  • July 04, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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