Today, 6 July, we salute and honor the following men who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


06 Jul 1980: 77890879HO Rifleman Francis Mukweli from 33 Battalion SWATF was killed in a Military Vehicle accident in the Caprivi Strip. He was 37

06 Jul 1982: Five members from 201 Battalion SWATF were Killed when their Buffel Troop carrier overturned on the White Road between Bagani and Rundu, just east of Mashari. They were:

  • 76910751SP Corporal Frans Adonio. He was 31
  • 76909449SP Rifleman Kafuru Bango. He was 29.
  • 76914613SP Rifleman Pedro Kademba. He was 30
  • 76914613SP Rifleman Petrus Kapango. He was 28.
  • 80821028SP Rifleman Oscar Nando. He was 23.

06 Jul 1983: 81891350SWH Rifleman B. Ngarukua from 102 Battalion SWATF was Killed in an accidental Hand Grenade Explosion in Northern Owamboland. He was 22.

06 Jul 1993: Two Members of the Transkei Defence Force Air Wing (TDFAW) were killed when their CASA 212 Aviocar, Serial No. TDF-01 crashed at Umtata shortly after take-off for a routine training flight. The crew members were:

70514542PM Major Gary Denis Hamilton. (SAAF Attached TDFAW). He was 39
Captain H. Elefu. TDFAW. He was 28.


06-Jul-76 Cst Simon Sibanda Uniform BSAP Mrd Abducted and shot by terrorists in Tuli district, Op Tangent, at the age of 23. He had been making investigations at this kraal during the ordinary course of his duties, when he was taken away and brutally murdered.

06-Jul-77 Vdt Norman Brackley NS Ech Intaf DOAS Listed on the Que Que Municipal Roll of Honour.

06-Jul-77 Snr Dist Asst Peter Njenjera Regular Intaf KIA in a vehicle ambush late at night in the Honde/Cashel area, Op Thrasher. The white soldier in the vehicle was wounded but escaped. Njenjera was severely burnt and did not survive despite the rescue efforts made by Barry Zworestine who was first on the scene.

06-Jul-77 DSA Garikayi Masara Kp Prtn Intaf DOAS

06-Jul-78 FR Ramus Kunatsa PR BSAP KIA in a CT Action, in Sipolilo, Op Hurricane.

06-Jul-78 FR Ying Wai Lo-Chang PATU BSAP KIA in the Mtoroshanga Area, Op Hurricane, aged 37 years

06-Jul-79 WO2 John Mataga 1st Bn RAR DOAS of natural causes. Source: Craig Fourie.

06-Jul-79 DSA Patrick Mudzete Kp Prtn Intaf DOAS

06-Jul-79 Cst Claudio Chari - not his surname Uniform BSAP KOAS in a vehicle accident, aged 26 years

06-Jul-79 L/Cpl Claudios Claudios - not his surname 4 Sqn RhE KIA Died of gunshot wounds sustained in a CT action.

06-Jul-79 Spr William Barnett 4 Sqn RhE KIA in a vehicle ambush.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten † 

  • July 06, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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