Today, 10 July, we salute and honor the following men who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


10 Jul 1980: 76422344BG Corporal Clive Roland Hardenberg from 4 Reconnaissance Regiment accidentally drowned during a training exercise at Salmander Bay, Langebaan. He was 20.

10 Jul 1981: 77223030BG Rifleman Lionel van Rooyen from 1 South African Infantry attached 61 Mechanised Battalion Group died from multiple shrapnel wounds accidentally sustained when a 120mm mortar round exploded prematurely during a live fire training exercise between Tsintsabis and Omuthiya, prior to the launch of Ops Protea. He was 19.

10 Jul 1982: Two members from 42 Squadron were flying over an Army column near Ondangwa in their Atlas AM3C Bosbok, Serial No. 950 when the Pilot in Command decided to execute an unauthorised stall turn at low level for the benefit of the troops on the ground. The aircraft failed to recover and crashed nearby, killing both crew members on board. The casualties were:

  • 73260788PE Lieutenant (Pilot in Command) Otto Carel Janse van Rensburg. He was 24
  • 78275658PE Candidate Officer Anton Geno Roux. He was 20.

10 Jul 1985: 81539702PB Corporal A.L. Teffo from 5 Reconnaissance Regiment was killed instantly after being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm while on operations in Southern Angola. He was 24.

10 Jul 1986: 84919240SWH Rifleman R Tjiposa from 102 Battalion SWATF was killed when his Buffel Troop Carrier overturned in Northern Owamboland. He was 25.

10 Jul 1986: Special Constable Tjiposa Virero from the South West Africa Police Counter-Insurgency Wing: Ops-K Division (Koevoet) was Killed in Action during a contact with PLAN insurgents in Northern Owamboland. He was 29.


10-Jul-76 Cst Temba Mupita Uniform BSAP Mrd Shot by CTs whilst on leave from Mangula, in Sarawaku Kraal, Mutasa North TTL, Op Thrasher. On much-needed leave at the time at his rural home, a CT gang, just infiltrated from Mozambique, visited his kraal, dragged him out of his hut, and murdered him. Died aged 27.

10-Jul-79 FR John "John the Pom" Foster PATU BSAP KIA Died from wounds received in action in the Sipolilo area, Op Hurricane, at the age of 24.

10-Jul-79 Gd Jonathon Mhondiwa RHQ Charlie, Op Repulse GF DOAS

10-Jul-79 DSA Ruka Musonza Kp Prtn Intaf DOAS

10-Jul-79 DSA Shusha Nemachena Kp Prtn Intaf DOAS

10-Jul-79 Pte Claude Sanders 1st Bn RAR DOAS of natural causes.

10-Jul-80 Cst Friday Muchavaira D Tp, SU BSAP KIA in a contact in Gokwe, Op Grapple.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten † 

  • July 10, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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