Today, 16 August, we salute and honor the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


16 Aug 1979: 76201920BG Rifleman Erasmus Albertus Venter from 4 SAI was killed during Operation Safraan after a fellow soldier picked up an unexploded SAAF Impala DEFA 30 mm High Explosive cannon projectile and between the two of them, attempted to take the shell apart with a Swiss Army knife. During this process, the cannon projectile exploded, killing him instantly. He was 20.

16 Aug 1980: 77473015BG Lance Corporal Hendrik Jacobus van der Walt from 16 Maintenance Unit was killed at Luhebu in South West Africa when the military vehicle he was driving, overturned. He was 18.

16 Aug 1981: Rifleman B Jacob from 101 Battalion SWATF was critically wounded on 14 August 1981 during a contact with PLAN insurgents in the Koakoveld. He succumbed to his wounds in hospital on 16 August 1981. He was 22.

16 Aug 1982: 79281168BG Rifleman William Edwin van Heerden from 201 Battalion SWATF was Killed in Action during a contact with SWAPO/PLAN insurgents near the Cut-Line. He was 19.

16 Aug 1986: 83066340BW Lance Corporal Andre Hercoll Erasmus from the Cape Regiment was Killed in Action after suffering shrapnel wounds during a SWAPO/PLAN stand-off attack on Ruacana. He was 20.

16 Aug 1986: 83102160KV Candidate Officer Christopher Hugh Snyman from 101 Air Commando Squadron was killed when his private aircraft flew into High Tension wires and crashed near Hoedspruit. He was 37.

16 Aug 1988: 78458197PE Staff Sergeant Gideon van Rooyen from 2 Special Service Battalion was killed instantly when his Armoured Car overturned at the Rooisloot Training Area, crushing him in the turret hatch. He was 26.

16 Aug 1991: 90589953BG Rifleman Mark William Hein from 8 SAI was accidentally shot dead while on duty in Tokoza Township by a fellow soldier who was playing around with his loaded rifle. He was 18.


16-Aug-69 PO Neil Hooper PATU BSAP KOAS when his motor cycle left the road on Glen Cove Drive, Highlands, Salisbury. He was 21 years old.

16-Aug-77 Elizabeth "Beth" Bekker No 3 Sqn RhAF KOAS in a vehicle accident near Juliasdale, Inyanga area, whilst on leave. Beth is the only female member of the RhAF who died during the war years.

16-Aug-77 Tpr Graham Turkington 3 Tp, 1 Cdo, 1st Bn RLI KIA Died from neck and chest wounds received in action from a CT rifle grenade near Birchenough Bridge in the Nyanyadzi/Hot Springs area, Op Repulse, aged 18 years. Graham's stick was at the top of a re-entrant when he was struck. He died during the casevac helicopter, in the arms of the RhAF tech/gunner Beaver Shaw.

16-Aug-78 Pte Buckley Williams 2nd Bn RDR KOAS Died from injuries received when he fell off a moving vehicle.

16-Aug-78 Cpl James MacPherson 10th Bn RR KOAS in a vehicle accident.

16-Aug-78 DSA Davidson Matidiri Kp Prtn Intaf Mrd by CTs at his kraal in Sipolilo, Op Hurricane.

16-Aug-78 Lt John Pritchard D1 Coy, 10th Bn RR KIA.

16-Aug-79 Sgt B.C. Roux Army DOAS

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †  

  • August 16, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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