Today, 21 August, we salute and honor the following men who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


21 Aug 1965: 63098305E Air Mechanic James Roland Bolzern from 3 Satellite Radar Station died from a gunshot wound accidentally sustained in a shooting incident at Mafeking. He was 24.

21 Aug 1973: Four members from 85 Advanced Flying School were killed when Atlas MB326M Impala Mk I, Serial No. 529 was involved in a mid-air collision with Atlas MB326M Impala Mk I, Serial No.553 during a training exercise near Pietersburg. The casualties were:

Impala 529:

  • 05563861E Captain (Instructor) Christiaan Lemmer Smith from 4 Squadron. He was 29.
  • 66400839KV 2/Lieutenant (Pilot under Instruction) David Lanian James Snadden from 101 Air Commando Squadron. He was 22.

Impala 553:

  • 01506492E Captain (Instructor) Frans Reitz van Zyl. He was 29.
  • 64411729E 2/Lieutenant (Pilot under Instruction) Clifford Yates. He was 23.

21 Aug 1976: 74411802BG Rifleman Dale Robert Whitter from 2 SAI died from a gunshot wound accidentally sustained at the Farm "Woodholme No. 202". He was 18.

21 Aug 1978: 73565897BT Rifleman Jacobus Alwyn van der Berg from the Kaffrarian Rifles died from a gunshot wound accidentally sustained at Oshakati due to the accidental discharge of a fellow soldiers rifle. He was 25.

21 Aug 1981: 78492576PE Rifleman Jan Jacobus Minnie from the Infantry School was accidentally killed when he inadvertently used a dud high explosive mortar bomb as a hammer, causing the device to explode, killing him instantly. He was 18.

21 Aug 1986: 69493930PE Staff Sergeant Johannes Petrus van Niekerk from Sector 20 Headquarters Intelligence Section died from a gunshot wound accidentally sustained at Rundu. He was 32.

21 Aug 1987: 83746306SP Rifleman C.A. Augusto from 32 Battalion died from causes unknown while stationed at Buffalo. He was 27.


21-Aug-69 D/Sgt Munpedzeyi Colonial Police Long Service Medal - 1962 CID BSAP DOAS after an illness, at the age of 51. 

21-Aug-67 PO Peter Terblanche Uniform BSAP KOAS Died in Salisbury Central Hospital from injuries sustained three days earlier in an accident during a motor cycle patrol, aged 25 years.

21-Aug-76 Pte Guy Arnold RDR KOAS Died in an accidental shooting incident at Sarahuru Base Camp, Nuanetsi, Op Repulse. He was 18 years old.

21-Aug-76 Cdt James Grierson Regular Intaf KIA Died of multiple gunshot wounds near Wankie, Op Tangent. An Australian by birth, he was 21 years old.

21-Aug-76 Pte Pharoah Hendrix 6 Prtn Coy RDR KOAS Drowned in the Pungwe River, Ruda, Mutasa TTL, Op Thrasher (VQ968664). He was 18 years old.

21-Aug-76 Cpl Rosebreck Kalosa RDR KOAS Died from a stab wound to the neck, Salisbury. He was 23 years old.

21-Aug-77 FR Arthur Robertson PR BSAP KOAS in a shooting accident in the Gwelo area, at the age of 36.

21-Aug-78 Spr Joseph Kula 2 Sqn RhE KOAS in a vehicle accident.

21-Aug-78 DSA James Makosa Kp Prtn Intaf KIA in a terrorist incident in the Shamva area, Op Hurricane, aged 21 

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †  

  • August 21, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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