Today, 27 August, we salute and honor the following men who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


27 Aug 1965: P/57678 Air Mechanic (Pupil Pilot Under Training) Johann Andre’ Venter from Central Flying School Dunnottar was killed when his AT-6 Harvard, Serial No.7365 crashed on the farm "Rusplaas" near Piet Retief while on a routine low level navigation exercise. He was 17.

27 Aug 1974: 68350693V 2/Lieutenant Albertus Stephanus Gouws from 4 Squadron was killed when his Atlas MB326M Impala Mk I, Serial No.587 crashed near Potchefstroom while on a routing training exercise. He was 21.

27 Aug 1975: 72219652N Rifleman Gert Antonie Senekal from 2 SAI was Killed in Action during the attack to capture the town of Pereira D’Eca (Ongiva) in Southern Angola during Ops Savannah. While patrolling on the east flank of the town, the vehicles drew hostile fire from enemy soldiers still hiding in the building. While returning fire, it appears that Senekal ran out of ammunition as he was seen to jump up and run towards the building and lob a hand grenade into the building. As he was running back to take cover, he was killed by enemy small arms fire. He was 19.

27 Aug 1975: 780613 Captain Basil Malcolm Bartlett from 5 Squadron, Rhodesian Signal Regiment died in the Andrew Flemming Hospital in Salisbury after being admitted suffering from pneumonia and diabetes. He was 47.

27 Aug 1977: 66304726BT Ordinary Seaman (Diver) Barry Juan Moolman from SAS Donkin accidentally drowned during a diving training exercise at Port Elizabeth. He was 27.

27 Aug 1979: 78940210HO Rifleman Frans Lilungwe from Sector 70 Headquarters SWATF was killed in a military vehicle accident. He was 23.

27 Aug 1981: Two members from 5 SAI were Killed in Action during a contact with enemy forces near Ongiva in Southern Angola during Ops Protea. The casualties were:

  • 76389444BG Rifleman David Nicolas Janse van Rensburg. He was 20.
  • 78492311BG Rifleman Ettienne Marius Snyman. He was 19.

27 Aug 1983: While on Reconnaissance in Southern Angola and monitoring troop and vehicle movement, two members attached to 54 Battalion tracked a group of SWAPO/PLAN insurgents into a small village whereupon they called in a mortar bombardment of the village by own forces. They had tracked a group of SWAPO/PLAN insurgents into a small village and called in a mortar bombardment of the village but while carrying out mopping up operations of the village area, they were both killed when an insurgent fired a Soviet RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket in their direction and it exploded next to them, killing them both instantly. The casualties were:

  • 80552714BG Rifleman Joseph Wayne Muller from the South African Intelligence Corps, attached to 54 Battalion. He was 20.
  • 82069857CK Rifleman David Prins from the South African Cape Corps attached to 54 Battalion. He was 24.

27 Aug 1985: 80461379BG Rifleman Jan Buijense from the North West Command Maintenance Unit died from a gunshot wound accidentally sustained at Potchefstroom as a result of an accidental discharge of a fellow soldiers rifle. He was 21

27 Aug 1988: Lance Corporal Gary Lamb from 1 SAI, attached to 61 Mechanised Battalion Group was shot dead by a fellow soldier during an argument while they were stationed at Lohatla. He was 19.

27 Aug 1990: Rifleman Jose’ Joaquim from 201 Battalion SWATF was killed in a military vehicle accident. He was 24.

27 Aug 1990: 01237775PE Colonel Pieter Jacobus Bakkes from the South African Military Health Service died from cancer in 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria. He was 49.

27 Aug 1993: Two civilians, a father and daughter were attacked and shot dead by APLA operatives while delivering milk near Umtata. The APLA operatives were later granted amnesty. The casualties were:

  • Mr Michael Meyers
  • Miss Donne Meyers


27-Aug-75 Capt Basil Bartlett 5 Sqn RhSigs DOAS in Andrew Fleming Hospital, Salisbury, of pneumonia and diabetes. Born in Namibia, he died aged 47 years.

27-Aug-76 DA Philip Kudzayi Regular Intaf Mrd by CTs on Devuli Ranch, Bikita, Op Repulse. He was 29 years old

27-Aug-76 NS Tpr David "Dave" Carshalton Trp Bravo G/Scts KIA Died from a gunshot wound, in a contact in the Chiredzi area, Op Repulse. Died aged 26. Dave was with call-sign 24 Bravo whilst on the spoor of about 70 CTs in the Gona-re-Zhou area. The spoor was being rapidly followed in an attempt to make contact before the CTs reached Mozambique. After five hours, the troops encountered a well-prepared ambush, and in the initial fire-fight, Dave was shot and killed. He was the lead scout on the left flank and initiated the contact. This moment allowed the other members of the patrol time to dismount and skirmish towards where Dave had fallen. G Cars and K Cars deployed elements of 2 RAR Fire Force to assist the horse troop, resulting in at least 40 kills and several captures. Dave was on his own horse, a mare by the name of 'Nuisance'. The horse survived and was discovered and recovered sometime later when she was spotted by engineers escorting a convoy through the contact area.

27-Aug-76 Cst Fanuel Matangira Uniform BSAP KOAS in a vehicle accident in Mtoko, Op Hurricane. He was 26 years old

27-Aug-76 DA Simeon Muchini Regular Intaf KIA by CTs in Nyahunda Purchase Area, Bikita, Op Thrasher. Died aged 33.

27-Aug-79 DA Felix Fambisayi Regular Intaf DOAS

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †  

  • August 27, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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