Today, 4 September, we salute and honor the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


04 Sep 1980: 76909241SP Rifleman A.F. Chipa from 32 Battalion accidentally drowned near Buffalo. He was 27.

04 Sep 1980 75409565PE Private Frederick Jacobus Janse van Vuuren from the Air Force School of Technical Training was killed in a Private Motor Vehicle Accident, at Nelspoort. He was 21.

04 Sep 1981: Four members from 1 Special Service Battalion were killed when their Eland armoured car overturned during a training exercise at Ottosdal. The casualties were:

  • 78201084BG 2/Lieutenant Derek Charl De Villiers. He was 20.
  • 77225092BG Trooper Mark Rodney Harty . He was 20.
  • 78483856BG Trooper Willem Frederick Raubenheimer. He was 19.
  • 79314357BG Trooper Johannes Martin Schoeman. He was 18.

04 Sep 1982: 80246093BG Private Johannes Albertus O’Neill from 5 Maintenance Unit was grievously burned at Ondangwa on 30 August 1982 when he lit a cigarette while standing near petrol drums and the petrol fumes ignited causing an explosion. He succumbed to his injuries in 1 Military Hospital on 04 September 1982. He was 18.

04 Sep 1984: 81061301BG Private Auguste Jansen from the Natal Command Workshop, Technical Service Corps was admitted to Addington Hospital on 01 September 1984 suffering from severe head injuries after being assaulted by persons unknown. He succumbed to his injuries on 04 September 1984. He was 19.

04 Sep 1990: 84281468BG Rifleman Anton Malan from Infantry School was accidentally killed when a 40mm multiple grenade launcher barrel exploded during a firing training exercise at Oudtshoorn. He was 22.

04 Sep1995: 92098524PY Corporal Geoffrey David Du Plessis from Medical Command Headquarters was killed in a Military Vehicle Accident in Pretoria. He was 21.


1967 – Pte Nyika MUCHAZOREGA, 10 Platoon, D Company, 1st Bn RAR, died of gunshot wounds sustained in action, Intundhla Siding, Lupane district, Op Nickel, aged 25 years. Binda in Masodja, states that elements of 10 Platoon under Lt Noble were following the tracks of 5 CTs since early on the morning of 05 September. Contact was made 20 miles southwest of Intundhla Siding at 1300 when a CT was killed and another wounded. The wounded man threw a grenade, killing Nyika and wounding Pte Pedzisayi. The date of death, listed here, is that from the official Death Notice, therefore the alternative date of 14 September and that of 05 September in Masodja are both incorrect, plus Op Nickel officially ended at 0600 hrs on 08 September. Shay and Vermaak in The Silent War mention that a further African soldier was killed in action in early September 1967, during the final mopping up of the ZIPRA Lithuli Gang who were responsible for the deaths in action of Lt Nick Smith and CSM H Timitayi. Nyika is buried in the Nyahunda Prchase Area, Bikita.

1974 – Cdt DO Colin Barry PENTON, Regular, Intaf, was killed by a landmine explosion, at Mount Darwin, Op Hurricane. Colin had been driving a truck to Dotito to collect bricks for the keep he was building at Pachanza. About halfway between Pachanza and the Nembire turn-off, they detonated a landmine. The DO at Nembire, Bob Holland, reacted immediately, going to the scene. Sadly Colin died on the casevac helicopter. Source: Andy Olver who was DO Dotito at the time, actually heard the explosion. The Intaf training barracks at Chikurubi were named after Colin. He was 21 years old, and is buried at Warren Hills, Harare. Colin is a Northlea School old boy.

1976 – Sgt Muranda Gumbo NYIWANA, Regular, Intaf, was murdered by CTs, Nyiwana Kraal, Chief Chingoma, Belingwe, Op Repulse. He was 50 years old and is buried where he died. Source: Death Notice.

1977 – Rfn Eugene NOBLE, 2nd Bn, RR, died on active service, aged 28 years. Buried in the Athlone Cemetery, Bulawayo. Source: Alan Bryant.

1979 – Act K Sgt Patrick GOMERA, 1 Bn, GF, died on active service. Official GF records from Craig Fourie. This battalion covered the line from Ft Victoria to Bubye. Source: George Parker.
Rfn Graham Desmond LUND, Asslt Pnrs, 1st Bn, RR, died in a vehicle accident. A Que Que High School old boy.
Cst Damian King MARUFU, SB, BSAP, was killed in a CT action, Op Thrasher, at the age of 29. This enthusiastic and devoted policeman had passed his written sergeant's examination just months before his death. His semi-military funeral was held at Warren Hills Cemetery, Salisbury, on 11 September. Attested 12 Nov 1970. Source: Outpost (BSAP journal).

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †  


  • September 04, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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