Today, 15 September, we salute and honor the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


15 Sep 1982: 05469911PE Warrant Officer Class II Pieter Ryno Johannes Swart from the Maritime Operations Centre died after suffering a fatal heart attack during a fitness walk. Although every effort was made to resuscitate him, he was declared dead on arrival at 2 Military Hospital. He was 52.

15 Sep 1984: 81056012BG Rifleman Otto Bismarck Harms was accidentally killed at the Germiston railway station when he was struck by a moving train. He was 19.

15 Sep 1985: 79517090BG Corporal Bruce Andrew Fidler HC (Posthumous) was an Ops Medic from 7 Medical Battalion Group operating with Special Forces that were providing operational support to Paratroopers and other SADF and UNITA Forces in Southern Angola during Operation Magneto. He was Reported Missing on 14 September 1985 when two vehicles were ambushed by approximately 40 enemy troops. Most of the UNITA soldiers were killed and the two Artillery Officers and Medical Orderly (Bruce) who were in the second vehicle were wounded. The two Officers successfully evaded but Bruce was captured. He was brutally tortured and interrogated by the enemy before being executed but he never once revealed the Order of Battle for an upcoming operation in support of UNITA, or the SADF Artillery positions or the location of the SAMS Surgical Team thereby enabling them to successfully evade capture and reach South African lines. His remains were repatriated back to South Africa in June 1992 and cremated on 15 September 1992. He was posthumously awarded the Honoris Crux for bravery and selfless devotion above and beyond the call of duty in the face of brutal torture. He was 21. His name appears on the Roll of Honour for both 1 Parachute Battalion as well as 7 Medical Battalion Group.

15 Sep 1988: 84570126 Lance Corporal Brian Collin Deyes from Air Force Headquarters was killed instantly when his private motor vehicle was involved in an accident in Potgieter Street and overturned. He was 20.


1976 – Rfn Frederick Martin KASCHULA (20) and L/Cpl Patrick Malcolm O'REILLY (19), both of D Coy, 2nd Bn RR, died from gunshot wounds received in an ambush at Chikwarakwara, Sengwe TTL, Chiredzi, Op Repulse. They fell together, and in the Bulawayo Cemetery, they rest in eternal peace together, brothers in arms.

1979 – Pte Evans NYAMAYARO, 1 POU, COI, died from gunshot wounds in a CT action.

1979 – Tpr Lovemore ZIYAMBE, 1 Sqn, RhACR, died from gunshot wounds in a CT action.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †  


  • September 15, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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