Today, 22 September, we salute and honor the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


22 Sep 1979: 76602804BG Rifleman William Ledgeton Saunders from 3 SAI was shot dead by another soldier while on guard duty in a bunker at Eenhana. He was 18.

22 Sep 1985: 82349382BG Rifleman Hymie Diamond from 5 SAI was killed in a private motor vehicle accident, at Vryheid. He was 19.

22 Sep 1989: Two members from 85 Combat Flying School were killed when their Atlas MB326M Impala Mk I, Serial No. 582 crashed near Sabie during a routine training flight. The casualties were:

  • 86641594PS Lieutenant Werner Bredenkamp. He was 20
  • 85331866PS Lieutenant Deon Joubert. He was 20.

22 Sep 1991: 88461033BG 2/Lieutenant Nathaniel Roesch from the Dog Training Centre died from the effects of smoke inhalation while assisting to extinguish a veld fire at Bourkes Luck. He was 19.

22 Sep 1998: Two members from 7 Medical Battalion Group and one member from 1 Parachute Battalion were Killed in Action in Katse Village during Operation Boleas. The casualties were:

92510544PF Corporal Jerome Alexander Sax from 7 Medical Battalion Group, attached to 44 Parachute Brigade was mortally wounded by Lesotho Army Forces while preparing to clear a bungalow in Katse Village where Lesotho Army troops were suspected to be hiding. He was 24.

97724264PR Captain (Doctor) Johan Nel from 7 Medical Battalion Group, attached to 44 Parachute Brigade was shot dead by Lesotho Army Forces while going to the aid of Corporal Jerome Sax who had been fatally wounded. Although he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, a bullet penetrated through the side gap under the armpit and killed him instantly. He was 26.

94783719PE Lance Corporal Sikhum Zett Mafuta from 1 Parachute Battalion, attached to 44 Parachute Brigade Died of Wounds after being shot by Lesotho Army Forces at Khatsi Dam. He was 31.

22 Sep 1998: Five members from 1 Parachute Battalion, attached to 44 Parachute Brigade, were killed in Action in fierce close-quarter fighting during the Battle for Mokanyane Base in Lesotho during Ops Boleas. The casualties were:

  • 94783693PE Lance Corporal Lucas Mnikeni Magwazana. He was 34.
  • 94747623PE Lance Corporal Owageng Abelt Mothupi. He was 23.
  • 94799368PE Lance Corporal Sambonga Mtengwane. He was 28.
  • 96204722PV Rifleman Albert Twale Mangoagape. He was 23.
  • 94752912PE Rifleman Phillip Tunsimang Tshweu. He was 29.


1979 – Spr Kevin James FLOYD, 4 Sqn, RhE, was killed by an accidental hand grenade detonation.

1979 – FR Bernard LUNGA and Aux Cst Cain SIBANDA (24), PR, BSAP, were killed in a CT action, Op Tangent. 

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • September 22, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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