Today, 1 November, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


01 Nov 1980: 80895675HE Rifleman Musandiwa Bernard Ralkwatha from 112 Battalion was a member of the SADF soccer team who died from injuries when the military vehicle in which he was a passenger, overturned 10km north of Makuya in Venda. He was 26

01 Nov 1981: 80588858CK Private Louis Brian Schoeman from the Cape Corps Maintenance Unit was killed when his Buffel Troop Carrier overturned near Rundu. He was 17.

01 Nov 1983: Rifleman Thomas Lochner from 8 SAI was accidentally killed at the Riemvasmaak training facility a few days before “clearing out” after 2 years of National Service. He was swimming in a cement dam and while walking along the dam wall with his wet plakkies, he slipped and grabbed onto a 380V generator cable that was suspended across the dam between two buildings. As he landed in the water, he was electrocuted and died instantly. He was 19.

01 Nov 1986: 70473566KV Corporal Pieter Johann van Oordt Barnard from the Kirkwood Commando accidentally killed in a private motor vehicle accident at Kirkwood. He was on official duty participating in OPS PONCHO at the time of his death. He was 31.

01 Nov 1987: 83271031BG Rifleman Jean Marc Schuurman from 1 Parachute Battalion Died of Wounds received in combat on 31 October 1987 during Ops Firewood. He was evacuated from the battlefield back to the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital at AFB Ondangwa where he underwent emergency surgery. Once he had stabilised, he was evacuated back to the RSA early on the morning of 1 November 1987 but unfortunately, he succumbed to his wounds before the aircraft landed in Pretoria. He was 20.

01 Nov 1987: 82220401BT Sergeant Michiel George Pienaar from the Pretoria Regiment was the Commander in Olifant Tank 13B and was accidentally killed when a tree crushed him in his commander's hatch at Mavinga during Ops Modular. The tank struck a tree of approximately 750cm in diameter and due to the soft ground and various veld fires in the past, the tree toppled onto the tank, crushing Pienaar in his hatch. He was still alive but severely injured and the Squadron's technical personnel were called and tried to lift the tree off the tank with a hydraulic crane. Unfortunately the tree was too heavy for the crane and while it was being lifted, the trunk slipped, crushing him again in the turret, killing him instantly. He was 21.

01 Nov 1998: 91065136 Sergeant Johann Jacobs from the South African Army was accidentally killed in a private motor vehicle accident near Kimberley. He was 25.


1969 – DSO Gregory Stuart SNELL (29), CID, BSAP, died on active service.

1975 – DA Fanwell Maganiso ZVOMUYA , Uniform, Intaf, died of head injuries, 4 km south of Dotito on the Mukumbura Road, Mt Darwin, Op Hurricane. He was 40 years old.

1976 – Rct Benjamin CHITIYO, Depot, RAR, died in an accidental shooting, Umzingwane area, Matabeleland. He was 19 years old.

1977 – Rfn D.L. BUYS, Army, died on active service.

1977 – WO1 Sydney Russell DAVIDSON DMM, RhE, was killed while lifting a booby-trapped landmine near Mtoko. He was on R&R at the time and called from Salisbury to uplift the mine. He noticed that the mine was wrapped in mesh and knew, instantly, that it was booby-trapped. He was blowing the sand off the top of the trap but, a small clod kept rolling back into the middle. When he called for the "puller" he decided to flick the clod and, in doing so, detonated the mine. The soldier passing the "puller" was only metres from the blast (Anderson, who survived only because it was a percussion mine and not shrapnel). Source: Terry Griffin.

1977 – LAC Bruce FRASER, RhAF, was killed in a vehicle accident on the Ring Road, Salisbury.

1977 – Spr C. GEOFFREY, RhE, was killed during anti-landmine operations.

1977 – Sgt Jack GOOSEN, 10th Bn, RR, died on active service.

1977 – Gd P. MBAIWA, PV Prtn Group, GF, died on active service.

1977 – Sgt Nkeni MUGWAGWA, Att 5 RR, RhASC, died on active service.

1977 – Cpl M.A. Wilcox, Army, died from wounds received in a landmine blast.

1978 – Gd Z. CHIKWINHO, Gd F. MARUTA, Jnr Cpl P. MUSIYIWA, Gd L. NGWARAYI and Gd N. Shumbayawonda, all of Kp Prtn Group, GF, died on active service.

1979 – Aux Cst Never JAKOPO, PR, BSAP, died from wounds received in action, at the age of 24.

1979 – Cpl R. MANGWIRO, GSU, RhAF, died on active service.

1979 – Gd Spencer MTOKO, PV Prtn Group, died on active service.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • November 01, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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