Today, 21 November, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


21 Nov 1968: 6630505N Trooper Brian Wesley Dyer from 1 Special Service Battalion was killed in a military vehicle accident at Katima Mulilo. He was 17.

21 Nov 1980: 79830287SP Rifleman Armando Eduardo from 32 Battalion was Killed in Action during a contact with enemy forces in Southern Angola. He was 32.

21 Nov 1981: 79271011BG Trooper Marthinus Christoffel Botha from 1 Special Service Battalion was accidentally killed in a freak accident while on manoeuvres at the Army Battle School. The crewmen were camped next to their armoured car that was awaiting repair. A thunderstorm came up and lighting struck the armoured car. Botha was critically injured and died a few minutes later while four other crew members were injured in the same incident but survived. He was 18.

21 Nov 1981: 77503217BG Rifleman Coenraad Christoffel van Wyk from 1 Parachute Battalion accidentally drowned in the swimming pool in the Paratrooper Fire-Force Camp at AFB Ondangwa. He was 20.

21 Nov 1984: Three members from 202 Battalion SWATF were killed when their Buffel Troop Carrier overturned in the Operational Area. The casualties were:

  • 82830555SCC Trooper W.A. Basson. He was 19.
  • 82845629SCB Trooper H. Diergaardt. He was 20.
  • 82845123SCB Trooper C. McNab. He was 20.

21 Nov 1984: 80400898BG 2/Lieutenant Gustav Brink from 1 Special Service Battalion was accidentally killed during the night in Owamboland when his armoured car drove into a water-well at dusk and overturned. He was crushed under the vehicle and died instantly. He was 20.

21 Nov 1986: 77875029KV Rifleman Nicolaas Carel Martinus Bronkhorst from the Ermelo Commando died after suffering a fatal heart attack while participating in a shooting exercise at the Amsterdam shooting range. He was 39.

21 Nov 1989: 68212471PE Colonel Cornelius Alwyn Johannes Meerholz HCS from 5 Reconnaissance Regiment was accidentally killed in a private motor vehicle accident at Gravelot. He was 37.


1970 – Pte Never MUTENGIZANWA, 1st Bn RAR, died from multiple injuries, Grey Street, Bulawayo. He was 25 years old.

1976 –Cst George Stanley MUNGAZI (21), J Tp, SU, BSAP, died from gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen, in a shooting accident in the Wedza area, Op Thrasher. He was on a night patrol with his troop in the operational area when he was killed by an accidental discharge.

1978 – DSAs Charles MADZIVIRI, Jimson MHAKA and Erisha RUSHINGA, all of Kp Prtn, Intaf, were killed by a landmine.

1978 – Rfn Jessie James FRIEND, attached 1 (Indep) Coy, RIC (Mat) and NS Sgt (Reg Intaf Cdt) Walter Robert Ian "Wally" SCOTT, died from injuries received in a landmine explosion near Mlibizi, Op Tangent. Both men were casevaced to Wankie Hospital where Wally died on arrival. Jessie passed away a while later after having been operated on.

1979 – Rfn Timothy David "Tim" KESBY, B Coy, 5th Bn, RR, died from gunshot wounds in a CT action, aged 32 years.

1979 DSA Beauty NDLOVU, Kp Prtn, Intaf, was killed in an ambush.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • November 21, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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