Today, 4 December, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny. 


04 Dec 1978: 76464025BG Sapper Jacobus Cornelius Francois Cloete from the SWA Engineer Support Unit SWATF was accidentally killed during construction work at Grootfontein when a concrete block fell off a scaffolding and struck him on the head, killing him instantly. He was 19.

04 Dec 1987: 77881050SP Rifleman A. Dala from 32 Battalion was found murdered by persons unknown. He was 31.

04 Dec 1987: 82541483BT Private Abraham Samuel Jacobus Stander from 31 Field Workshop, Technical Service Corps was accidentally killed approximately 10km outside Grootfontein when he fell off the rear of a moving Samil 20 vehicle that was travelling on the road to Otavi. He was 21.


1970 – Rfn Hermanus Johannes BORNMAN, 2nd Bn, RR, died when shot after failing to respond to a challenge from a sentry, Binga. Died aged 20.

1977 – Cst Dominic Ganda MATAMBO and Cst Francis Jonathan ZIRIMA, of Uniform and SB respectively, BSAP, both died in a tragic shooting accident, Ross Camp, Bulawayo.

1978 – Sgt Vengayi Severino GUVAVA, SU, BSAP, was murdered by terrorists, aged 30 years. In late 1978, Vengayi had applied for a discharge from the force but, having a rethink, withdrew his application on 08 November, a month before he was tragically murdered.

1978 – Pte Emmanuel JONA, Depot RR, was killed in a vehicle accident.

1978 – L/Cpl Never MAKUWARO, 1 Maint Coy, RhASC, was killed in a vehicle accident.

1978 – PO Stephen John WOOD (20), attached to SB, BSAP, was killed by a gunshot wound in a vehicle ambush, Honde Valley, Op Thrasher. There were three vehicles in the convoy that was ambushed.

1979 – T/Sgt W. Schickerling, 2nd Bn, RDR, died of toxaemia as result of a ruptured appendix.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • December 04, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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