Today, 19 December, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


19 Dec 1964: P51166 Air Mechanic Henri Martin Strydom from Air Force Base Ysterplaat was critically injured in a private motor vehicle accident on 17 Dec 1964. He was transferred to 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria where he sadly succumbed to his injuries on 19 December 1964. He was 18.

19 Dec 1976: 65584062BT Corporal Benjamin Johannes Schoeman of Regiment Noord Natal Died of Wounds while on patrol along the Cut-line North of Ombalantu. His section came under heavy SWAPO/PLAN insurgent rifle and machine-gun fire at evening "klaarstaan" in their TB and he was severely wounded in the neck. Although a Casevac Helicopter was called for, he succumbed to his wounds before the helicopter arrived. He was 28.

19 Dec 1982: 80354293BG Rifleman Terence Norman Fitzpatrick from 5 SAI was killed in a military vehicle accident at Ladysmith. He was 18.

19 Dec 1982: 79480596BG Rifleman Shaline Lloyd Keen from Special Forces Headquarters was accidently killed at the Headquarters while he was standing on the back of a Landrover and the vehicle overturned. He was thrown out of the vehicle and the vehicle rolled over him. He was 19.

19 Dec 1985: Two members from 202 Battalion SWATF were killed when their Buffel Troop Carrier overturned near Omega. The casualties were:

  • 84830363SCH Rifleman Lenox Hipangua. He was 20
  • 83812678SCC Rifleman Benjamin Johannes Thomas. He was 21.

19 Dec 1992: A civilian, Mrs Leonie Anderson was shot dead by two APLA operatives on her family’s farm “Danside” in Ficksburg, Orange Free State. Both APLA operatives were later granted amnesty for this deed during 1999


    1976 – Pte Raffic GODDARD (19), Pte Gordon MILLIN (19) and Pte Andrew PHIPPS (22), all of the RDR, died from severe multiple injuries in the operational area.

    1977 – Tpr Paul TINARWO, S Scouts, died on active service, aged 19

    1979 – FR James Frazer "Jamie" THOMSON, PATU (Karoi), BSAP, was killed in a contact when a motorbike stick, out of Karoi, was reacting to CTs firing at an aeroplane, Lynx Mine area, Op Hurricane. Jamie died at the age of 36.

    1979 – Spr Jacob Norman CHIRUME and L/Cpl Ian Scott LUCAS, both of 5 Sqn, RhE; Cst Stephen MAHLASERA and Cst Timothy MURAMBI, both of SU, BSAP; and Cst Alec TSOKA of Uniform, BSAP, were all killed in an explosion when the five-man stick walked into a farm house, near Sinoia, that was booby-trapped, Op Hurricane. 

    † Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


    • December 19, 2017
    • Piet Fourie
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