Today, 31 December, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


31 Dec 1971: 66520073PE Sergeant Petrus Johannes Engelbrecht from 1 Special Service Battalion Died of Wounds received in an accidental hand grenade explosion while serving in the Caprivi Strip. Eleven others were also injured in the same incident. He was 21.

31 Dec 1975: 72456049BC Rifleman Michael Lenin van der Schyff from the Equestrian Regiment was accidentally killed when struck by a bullet resulting from an accidental discharge of a fellow soldier’s rifle. He was 19.

31 Dec 1976: 74468331BA Rifleman Jacobus Abraham Visser from Infantry School was killed when he accidentally fell from a horse and broke his neck. He was 18.

31 Dec 1982: 78319100BG Lance Corporal André Christiaan Weideman from 6 SAI was killed when his Buffel Troop Carrier overturned on the Oshakati to Ruacana road. He was thrown out of the vehicle and crushed when the vehicle rolled over him. He was 20.

31 Dec 1983: 78373362BG 2/Lieutenant Pieter Marcus Liebenberg from 4 SAI was Killed in Action near Cuvelai in Southern Angola during Ops Askari when his Ratel 20 was hit in the command cupola by an armour-piercing incendiary projectile from a 23mm Soviet ZU-23-2 Anti-Aircraft Gun being utilised in the ground attack role. He was 21.

31 Dec 1983: Three Members from 4 SAI attached to 61 Mechanised Battalion Group were Killed in Action during Ops Askari in Southern Angola when a Soviet 82mm High Explosive Mortar Bomb exploded on the Roll-bar of their Buffel Troop Carrier, spraying the inside of the vehicle with lethal shrapnel, killing them instantly. They were:

  • 81312464BG Rifleman Gabriel Pieter le Roux. He was 18. (4 SAI Attached 61 Mech Bn)
  • 81173254BG Rifleman Derick John Schrönen. He was 18. (4 SAI Attached 61 Mech Bn)
  • 81301293BG Rifleman Mathys Cornelius Smit. He was 18. (4 SAI Attached 61 Mech Bn)

31 Dec 1983: 78487702BT Rifleman Johan Carel Fourie from Regiment Groot Karoo, attached to 61 Mechanised Battalion Group was Killed in Action during Ops Askari in Southern Angola when he was hit by a Soviet RPG7 Anti-Tank Rocket just after he had dismounted from a Ratel. He was 21.

31 Dec 1986: 82380890BG Trooper Peter Matthews from 1 Special Service Battalion, attached to 32 Battalion contracted cerebral malaria while deployed in Southern Angola. He was evacuated to 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria where he unfortunately succumbed to the illness. He was 20.

31 Dec 1993: Staff Sergeant R. Nieuhaus from 44 Parachute Regiment was accidentally killed when his parachute failed to open during a practice free-fall jump. He was 32.


1966 – Tpr F.J.J. MAUGUE, 1st Bn, RLI, died on active service.

1976 – DA Artford DUBE, Regular, Intaf, was killed on active service at Nuanetsi, Op Tangent.

1976 – DSA Tarewa SANI, Kp Prtn, Intaf, was killed in action at Chipinga, Op Thrasher.

1977 – Cst Renard KACHAMAENZA, Uniform, BSAP, died in tragic circumstances at Chibi Police Camp, Op Repulse.

1977 – DSA Taurayi MASUNGA, Kp Prtn, Intaf, died on active service.

1978 – Aux Cst Stephen GIVEMORE, BSAP, was killed in a contact with CTs in the Bindura area, Op Hurricane. He was 25 years old.

1978 – DA Nhete NDOGWEDU and DA Nelson NYONI, both Regular, Intaf, died on active service.

1979 – FR Kenneth Layton Elliot FRANCIS, PATU Mounted Unit, BSAP, died from wounds received in a contact, at the age of 37. 

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • December 31, 2017
  • Piet Fourie
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