Today, 8 January, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


08 Jan 1966: Two members from 17 Squadron together with a Portuguese Army Sergeant and two Portuguese Army Corporal’s were killed when their Alouette III, Serial No.56 crashed 2 miles east of Boane, near Lourenço Marques (Maputo), Moçambique while carrying out rescue operations at the Umbeluzi Pumping Station. They were lifting inflatable rubber boats used in rescue work when one of the loads began swinging wildly and struck the tail rotor. The pilot lost control and the helicopter crashed. (Note: Captain Shawe was a SAAF Veteran from World War Two). The casualties were:

  • 1220466 Captain Guillame Nel Shawe (Pilot). He was 43.
  • 5246103 Air Corporal Frederick Hermanus Moolman (Flight Engineer). He was 23.
  • Sergeant Joao Fernandez, Portuguese Forces attached to SAAF. He was 26.
  • Corporal Alfredo Acacio, Portuguese Forces attached to SAAF. He was 22.
  • Corporal Georgio Manuel, Portuguese Forces attached to SAAF. He was 21.

08 Jan 1973: W55704P Constable Owen Winston Durrheim from the South African Police, was stationed with the Rhodesian British South Africa Police at Victoria Falls where he suffered multiple injuries on 07 January 1973 in an accident in the Victoria Falls National Park. He succumbed to his injuries on 08 January 1973. He was 20.

08 Jan 1975: 72469885N Rifleman Adriaan Albertus Le Grange from 5 SAI was Reported Missing at Bagani while travelling as a passenger in a military vehicle that accidentally drove off the edge of the pont ferry and overturned into the river. Despite an intensive search, his body was never recovered. He has no known grave and remains unaccounted for. He was 18.

08 Jan 1983: 71431829BT Private Gerald Jeffrey Pieters from Air Force Base Swartkop suffered severe head injuries sustained in a private motor vehicle accident near Estcourt on 7 January 1983. He was admitted to the Wentworth Hospital in Durban where he sadly succumbed to his injuries on 08 January 1983. He was 23.

08 Jan 1983: 72241417KT Rifleman Peter Uzzel from the Goudveld Commando attached to Group 34, Died of Wounds in 1 Military Hospital after being critically wounded in a landmine explosion near the Okangwati Military Base on 06 Jan 1983. He was 26.

08 Jan 1987: Nine members from 101 Battalion Battalion Romeo Mike Team SWATF together with two attached personnel, were Killed in Action and 65 wounded during a contact with a numerically superior enemy force near Vinticet in Southern Angola. During the contact, some of the Romeo Mike Casspir vehicles burnt out after being knocked out by concentrated fire from Soviet RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rockets and Yugoslavian M60 HEAT STRIM and M60P Pencil STRIM rifle grenades. The eleven members Killed in Action were:

  • 79337176PE Lieutenant Michael Cornelius Machiel Dreyer from 904SCC-RM12. He was 24
  • 85633386BG Lance Corporal Emil Tamsen from the South African Medical Corps HQ was assigned to 101 Battalion Romeo Mike Team 904SCC-RM12 as the Ops Medic but was actually sitting in the second seat on the right rear of Casspir RM7. He was killed instantly when Romeo Mike 7 was hit by an RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket and he took the full force of the blast in his chest. He was 18.
  • 83446344BG Sapper Eugen Albert Meyer South African Engineer Corps assigned to 101
  • Battalion Romeo Mike Team 904SCC-RM7. He was 19.
  • Lance Corporal M. Fernando from 904SCC-RM7. He was 24.
  • Rifleman L. Alweendo from 904SCC-RM7. He was 27.
  • Rifleman P. Cerement from 904SCC-RM7. He was 26
  • Rifleman E. Leonard from 101 Bn from 904SCC-RM7. He was 24.
  • Rifleman M. Ndjolonimu from 101 Bn from 904SCC-RM7. He was 23.
  • Rifleman E. Nyawala from 101 Bn from 904SCC-RM7. He was 26.
  • Rifleman S. Jacob from 101 Bn from 904SCC-RM7. He was 25.
  • Rifleman J. Nangolo from 101 Bn from 904SCC-RM7. He was 23.


    1974 – Cst Tinawo NGONYA, Uniform, BSAP, was murdered by terrorists, Brunswick Farm, Gatooma/Hartley Road at the age of 34.

    1977 – FR Basil Leonard CALDER (39) and FR Raymond GOUGH (49), both PR, BSAP, were killed in a landmine explosion.
    Special thanks to Malcolm Gough, son of Raymond Gough, and Steve Calder, Basil Calder's son, for sharing the information about the incident as well as about their fathers’ lives in education.
    The two field reservists had been sent to protect the farm homestead on ‘Bar G’ Ranch on the Bubi River, near Rutenga and the Lion and Elephant Motel, Op Repulse. On the night of 07 January, they successfully beat off a terrorist attack on the homestead. The following morning, the vehicle they were travelling in near the farm struck a landmine, killing both men. The farmer, Stephen Grobler, who was driving the vehicle at the time, survived the blast but lost both his legs. At the time Basil was headmaster of Houghton Park School in Salisbury, where he had an outstanding reputation as a hard-working educationist who built up strong and friendly relationships with parents and pupils alike as he continuously strived to make improvements at the school. Raymond was one of Rhodesia's two Chief Education Officers, but in spite of his position, had volunteered to do his bit as he felt increasingly uneasy about others shouldering the burden. He was a dedicated educationist who contributed much to education in Rhodesia.

    1977 – Section Leader Basil Carl HAPELT, PATU, BSAP, died in a shooting accident, at the age of 31.

    1978 – DSA Masunga TSAURAYI, Kp Prtn, Intaf, was murdered by CTs in Buhera, Op Repulse.

    1979 – Cst Bongani Dumisani MKWANANZI, Uniform, BSAP, was killed in a contact in a Bulawayo township, at the age of 21.

    1980 – Pte Rams MOYO, 10th Bn, RR, died from a gunshot wound, aged 31 years.

    † Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


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    • Piet Fourie
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    • March 31, 2017
    • Johann Westraadt

    My band of btothers who served 101 their and their families sacrifices will l forever live on in our thoughts and harts

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