Today, 10 January, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


10 Jan 1972: 65430373 2/Lieutenant Johannes Daniel Burger from 6 Squadron was killed when his AT-6 Harvard, Serial No. 7034 crashed near George during a routine cross-country and tactical navigation flight. He was 22.

10 Jan 1976: 73437568BA Rifleman Andries Jacobus Rautenbach from 8 SAI was killed when struck by a bullet as a result of an accidental discharge of a fellow soldier’s rifle while he was stationed at Rundu. He was 18.

10 Jan 1982: 78561545BG Rifleman Abel Albertus van Wyk from 1 Parachute Battalion was killed instantly after being struck in the head by a bullet that resulted from an accidental discharge of a MAG light machine-gun during a training exercise outside Oshivello. Fellow members saw him stagger and slowly collapse to the ground. He was immediately airlifted to the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital at AFB Ondangwa but was declared dead on arrival. He was described as an extremely likeable character who had showed incredible determination and vasbyt throughout his training. He was 19. 


1977 – DA CHANOWA, Regular, Intaf, was killed in action at Sipolilo, Op Hurricane.

1977 – Agr Dem Petros CHITIMA, ADF, Intaf, was murdered by CTs at Melsetter, Op Thrasher.

1978 – DSA Meta Richard NCUBE, Kp Prtn, Intaf, was murdered by CTs in the Plumtree area, Op Tangent.

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †


  • January 10, 2019
  • Piet Fourie
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