Today, 26 January, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


26 Jan 1977: 76906510SP Rifleman Sabino Luciano from 32 Battalion was killed in a shooting incident in the residential camp at Buffalo. He was 25.

26 Jan 1977: 73369662BT Rifleman Isak Nel Myburgh from 6 SAI Died of Wounds received in Northern Owamboland. While driving a Unimog vehicle on pipeline patrol, his vehicle detonated two sandwiched Soviet TM-46 Anti-tank mines near Onambutu, approximately 10km south of Eenhana Base. His liver was ruptured and he lost both his legs in the explosion and sadly succumbed to these grievous wounds while being evacuated by helicopter to the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital at Air Force Base Ondangwa. He was 19.

26 Jan 1978: 73347775KT Rifleman Petrus Wilhelmus Prinsloo from Middelburg Commando accidentally drowned in the Assegai River at Amsterdam. He was 20.

26 Jan 1980: 73447484BT 2/Lieutenant Johannes Lodewicus Buys from 6 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment was killed in a Military Vehicle accident near Grootfontein. He was 22.

26 Jan 1980: 77487536BG Rifleman Hendrik Christoffel Janse van Rensburg from SWA SPES was accidentally shot dead during the night at their TB by a guard who mistook him for a SWAPO/PLAN insurgent. He was 18.

26 Jan 1981: 77407856BG Lance Corporal Jacobus Adriaan Smuts Louw from 1 SAI was killed instantly when he detonated a booby-trapped Yugoslavian TMA-3 Cheese Mine while returning from a patrol on the Cut-line. The Platoon had set up three separate ambushes and were in the process of regrouping when he detonated the mine. The sand was soft and wet at the time and it is thought that when he stepped on the anti-tank mine, his body-weight shifted it due to the wet sand and this movement activated a booby-trap anti-lift/tilting mechanism that was attached to the bottom of the mine. He was 19.

26 Jan 1986: Two Members from 5 SAI were killed when their Buffel Troop Carrier overturned in wet weather near Nkurenkuru. The casualties were:

  • 78478922BG Corporal Jan Daniel Schmidt. He was 23.
  • 83462879BG Rifleman Johannes Gerhardus Janse van Rensburg. He was 18.


      1977 – FRs William Peter "Pete" CREMER (31) and Norbert George "Norm" PAYNE (38), both of PATU, BSAP, were killed in an ambush whilst on patrol in the Bindura area, Op Hurricane.

      1978 – T/Sgt Robert John S. "Rob" HICKEY, A Coy, 2nd Bn, RR, was killed by an elephant.

      1980 – Pte Stanley FYNN, U Coy, 2nd Bn, RDR, died in a vehicle accident.

      1980 – Pte Christopher HANDSON, 2nd Bn, RDR, died from injuries received in a vehicle accident. 

      † Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten † 

      • January 26, 2019
      • Piet Fourie
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