Today, 26 February, we salute and honour the following men & woman who sacrificed their lives whilst standing in the defence of what they held dear at the time and against evil and tyranny.


26 Feb 1976: 67234162BT Corporal Jan Andries Swanepoel from 8 Signal Regiment was accidentally killed when his Unimog vehicle overturned at Chitado, Southern Angola. He was 25.

26 Feb 1980: 68265701BT Rifleman Jakobus Andries Petrus Bosman from the Witwatersrand Rifles was Killed in Action during a contact with SWAPO/PLAN insurgents in Northern Owamboland. He was 27.

26 Feb 1982: 79493680PE Lieutenant Commander Robert Desmond Kohne from SAS Drakensberg was killed when he accidentally fell down a lift shaft while maintenance work was being carried out on the ship. He was 29.

26 Feb 1983: 73363319PE Sergeant Daniel Gordon Rheeder from Air Force Base Ysterplaat was critically injured in a private motor vehicle accident on 25 February 1983 in Prince Albert Street, Cape Town. He was admitted to the Tygerberg Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on 26 February 1983. He was 26.

26 Feb 1984: 80331531BG Private Adrian Bruce Berend from the Intelligence School in Kimberley was killed in a private motor vehicle accident while on a weekend pass. He was 19.

26 Feb 1993: 92066364PV Lance Corporal Terry Tobego Montsho from 3 SAI was accidentally drowned in the Umkomaas River when he slipped off a rock and fell into the water while he was trying to cross the River near Highflats. He was 24.


1970 – Rfn Brian Allan (aged 20), Depot RR, KOAS. Died in Salisbury Central Hospital from injuries received in a vehicle accident.

1974 – DA Kwanyangara, Regular Intaf, KIA in Mount Darwin, Op Hurricane. A Death Notice has been found for Tandi Simon Kwanyangara, an Intaf member employed as an Agricultural Supervisor, who died of asthma in Kandeya TTL, Mt Darwin on 22 Feb 1974. It is not known whether these two men are one and the same.

1977 - Ext Asst Sup E. Maimbo, ADF Intaf, Murdered by CTs at Chipinga, Op Thrasher.

1977 – Rfn Keith “Joey” van der Horn (aged 21), 4 Pln, B Coy, 2nd Bn RR, KIA.

1978 – Pte Harry Berman MFC Ops (Post), 1st Bn RDR, KIA. Died of wounds received in an ambush. This is the citation for his Military Forces Commendation. "On 24 February 1978 Private Berman was the driver of a vehicle transporting six Security Force members, leading a convoy. At approximately 17:50 hours the convoy was ambushed by a group of ten terrorists from positions some fifteen metres off the road, in good cover. The ambush was initiated with a rocket that struck the cab, killing the passenger, Private Clive Leonards, instantly and fatally wounding Private Berman. This was followed by small-arms fire which caused minor wounds to two of the men on the back of the truck. Despite considerable shock and severe injuries, Private Berman retained control of the vehicle and drove it some four hundred to five hundred metres out of the immediate danger area whilst the escorts on the truck returned the enemy’s fire. Once the terrorists had been driven off, Private Berman was assisted from the cab and given first aid but, later succumbed to his wounds. Private Berman’s presence of mind and courageous determination, suffering as he was from serious wounds, clearly prevented further injury and loss of life."

1978 - Pte Clive Leonards, 1st Bn RDR, KIA. Killed instantly when the vehicle they were travelling was ambushed and the cab, in which he was a passenger, was hit by an RPG-7 rocket. See Berman above.

1978 – Pte Isaac Dombo, 10th Bn RR, DOAS.

1978 – PO John “Barry” O’Donovan (aged 20), NS BSAP, KOAS in a vehicle accident on the Plumtree/Bulawayo road, Op Tangent. Barry, a brilliant student, interrupted his plans to read civil engineering at the University of Dublin, to join the BSAP in 1977, gaining very high marks during his basic training. He was posted to Plumtree where he excelled, receiving a Memorandum of Acknowledgement of Good Work Performed from the Commissioner of Police.

1979 – Sgt Charles “Tubby” Clark, 5/2 Provost Pltn RhMP, KIA. Died of wounds received in an ambush whilst escorting a civilian convoy on the Fort Victoria/Umtali Road. The ambush took place near Nyanyadzi, north of Birchenough Bridge.

1979 – S/Sgt Trevor Whitmore, Depot RR, DOAS of a heart attack. 

† Their names and sacrifices have not been forgotten †

  • February 26, 2019
  • Piet Fourie
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