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This book is an updated version of the first and only history of the SADF Dog Centre unit from the old to the new, and also right up to the disbandment of this small and little known unit. It will skillfully guide you, with the help of richly illustrated photographic coverage from the origins of the SADF Dog Centre; along the pitfall-strewn path it had to wander in order to gain the important first-class knowledge necessary to function successfully on our borders.

During the bush war phase, they started their experience when it was first deployed, as early as 1967. Ten years later their knowledge was exploited in a unit specially designed to cater for their abilities. Dog handlers of this unit, the South West Africa Specialist Unit, will tell the story of some of the personal experiences they encountered while doing their bit on the border.

Although two handlers and eight dogs had to pay with their lives during skirmishes with the enemy, many a life was saved by the vigilance of man’s best vriend. Two medals for bravery were awarded to dogs.

Peet Coetzee was one of the pioneers of the dog unit, and served for 33 years in the SADF. As the author of bush war books he enjoyed praise for his earlier books as being “ the most comprehensive and richly illustrated of all bush literature” [VOLKSBLAD, Bloemfontein].

Paperback, 300 pages with photos.

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Great historical information

Great seller, signed copy

Dogs of war....

A most interesting read covering a lot of the history which is not always known by many. Having been in the dog unit just made it so much closer to the heart.