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No Easy Battle: How I Overcame Extreme Obstacles to Achieve My Dream, the battle may not be easy, but it's worth it. 

Wanda Zondi was born on 14 April 1984 in the rural areas of Mhlanga village in the small district of Libode in Eastern Cape. Having grown up under extreme poverty, he had to dig deep within in order to overcome the many obstacles that life put his way. In this book, he shares the experiences and lessons learned along his inspirational journey.  

From a village boy with little prospects, he is now a member of three professional bodies which are; Association of International Certified Fraud Examiners, International Association of Financial Crimes Investigation and Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. 

Wanda is currently serving in the South African National Defence Force in the rank of a Captain. He is academically inclined and believes that, indeed, knowledge is power. Thus, he has empowered himself with knowledge from different sources, some through the military and others in his personal capacity. His academic achievements include; a Certificate in International Fraud Examiner (level 7), a Masters degree in Criminal Justice (current), a BTech degree in Forensic Investigation, a National Diploma in Security Risk Management, an Advance A+ Computer Technician course and he has also completed several management courses from different colleges. 

Wanda is a patriot who loves his country dearly and believes that there is no better organisation than the Defence Force.  

Paperback, 105 pages, published June 2020.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Penyane
An inspiring book

No Easy Battle.... what a life inspiring and motivating book, after reading the book I was inspired never to give up in life no matter the obstacles and heckles one come across in life. I also took one life changing advise from this book that, as people we must not open a window of hatred and resentment because you are giving that person the power to control how you should feel for the day. That was powerful and life changing.

Patrick Locufier
A surprising book

No Easy Battle...is a surprising book. Interesting, informative, motivational,...most of all inspiring. A rare call to optimism, courage, resilience,...easy to keep with self as a reminder that hard work and kindness can lead to success. A good read.


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