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The terrorist was caught between our two Casspirs. Mandume, kolomesho, kolomesho, fok links, verby hulle,’ (left, left, fuck left drive past) I shouted down to Mandume and Mandume swung our Casspir to the left. As Boats’ Casspir was about to pass ours he opened fire with his .50 Browning. A long burst erupted and the insurgent was blown to hell and gone by the rounds while their driver Abraham drove their Casspir straight over the insurgent. My only concern was who would be paid the kopgeld?’ (bounty)

The third explosive account written in the same novelistic style as Zulu Zulu Golf and Zulu Zulu Foxtrot. More experiences with the deadly counter insurgency unit Koevoet during the Angolan Border War. Zulu Foxtrot Reloaded covers Durand’s last two of six years with the unit.

Once again, patrols, ambushes and contacts, situations of certain death, dealings with the enemy and relationships with Ovambo colleagues. Except now, what it was also like to be a killing machine in the heat of battle while becoming a loving husband and father and having to alternate life and mindset between surviving the murder and mayhem as well as family life.

Told just how it was experienced without pulling any stops. Zulu Foxtrot Reloaded is just the way it was.

PAPERBACK, 297 pages. Published July 2018



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Zulu Foxtrot Reloaded: More Life and Death with Koevoet - Arn Durand

Zulu F Reloaded

Very very good! And your service is outstanding.

more life and death with Koevoet - Arn Durand

excellent books and dvd's

#3 is from the soul of Good man

When I finished Zulu Zulu Foxtrot I knew that more would coming. And when I saw that there was an early buy for this one I had to get it 1st. And I started reading it the moment it showed up. I am so glad I bought this one too. Arn is great story teller and even with the troubles he has had, he can bring out the stories even the ones that might bring back those with demons. Some story's might not be nice to read about but Koevoet was not fighting a "nice" war. Like most insurgency wars they can become more nasty then conventional wars. There a couple times he repeats himself and jumps of track but those are few and very miner. There are B/W photos in this book, but still no maps. But I have read so many books on the area that I now know the operational area very well.
Mr Durand has 1 more coming out & like this one I will be looking forward to it. Mr Durand was not in the army like myself, but because I was an MP and later a Police Officer I feel that I understand what he is going thru not just in Koevoet but I his life to.