A Guide to South African Military Awards - Paul P. Matthysen

R 1,500.00

A Guide to South African Military Awards by Paul P. Matthysen is the definitive work on South African military orders, decorations, medals and their variations. Colour photographs throughout and now out of print. Published in 2002. Softcover, A4, 314 pages.

The SADF and Cuito Cuanavale: A Tactical and Strategic Analysis - Leopold Scholtz

R 275.00

“A shooting war is often followed by a second war. This war is not fought with bullets or artillery shells, not with tanks or bombers, but rather with words. The war is, in effect, fought again on paper.”  In 1987–1988 the dusty Angolan town of Cuito Cuanavale was the backdrop for the final battles of the Border War. Ever since...

Die SAW en Cuito Cuanavale: 'n Taktiese en Strategiese Analise - Leopold Scholtz

R 275.00

“Dit gebeur dikwels dat ’n skietoorlog deur ’n tweede oorlog gevolg word. Dié oorlog word nie met ammunisie of kartetse gevoer of met tenks en bomwerpers nie, maar met woorde. Die oorlog word as ’t ware op papier oorgeveg.”  In 1987–1988 was die stowwerige Angolese dorpie Cuito Cuanavale die toneel van die laaste gevegte van die Grensoorlog. Sedertdien is dit...

1 RECCE: Agter Vyandelike Linies: Volume 2 - Alexander Strachan

R 295.00

1 Recce, Agter vyandelike linies, neem die leser tot in die Recces se “binnekamer”. In hul eie woorde vertel Recce ­operateurs van die lewensgevaarlike operasies wat hulle onder groot geheimhouding in die laat 1970’s in Angola en Rhodesië uitgevoer het. Die leser sien die operateurs sweet in die vliegtuig of duikboot en beleef die gevaar wanneer hulle in die nagdonker...

1 RECCE: Behind Enemy Lines: Volume 2 - Alexander Strachan

R 295.00

1 Recce, Behind Enemy Lines, takes the reader into the Recces' inside chamber. In their own words the Recces detail life ­threatening operations performed under great secrecy during the late 1970's in Angola and Rhodesia.  The reader sees the operators sweat in the airplane or submarine and experiences the danger with them when they face crocodile invested rivers in the middle...

The South African Police Special Task Force: An Operator's Perspective - Shane Willard (HARDCOVER, LIMITED EDITION)

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"YOU HAVE NOT LIVED TILL YOU HAVE ALMOST DIED, AND FOR THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOUR THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW" The South African Police Special Task Force is the Special Operation element of the South African Police. They are considered to be amongst the best of such Units in the world. They have a formidable reputation...


The South African Police Special Task Force: An Operator's Perspective - Shane Willard (SOFTCOVER)

R 550.00 R 475.00

"YOU HAVE NOT LIVED TILL YOU HAVE ALMOST DIED, AND FOR THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOUR THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW" The South African Police Special Task Force is the Special Operation element of the South African Police. They are considered to be amongst the best of such Units in the world. They have a formidable reputation...


SAS Action in Africa: Terrorists, Poachers and Civil War C Squadron Operations, 1968–1980 - Michael Graham

R 550.00 R 495.00

This gripping action-packed book is the eagerly awaited sequel to the best-selling Secret SAS Missions in Africa. C Squadron SAS, comprising dedicated battle-hardened veterans, operated against ruthless terrorist groups, trained and equipped by the Chinese and Russians between 1968 and 1980.The Author, who rose to be the Squadron Second-in-Command, is superbly qualified to tell the inside story of their daring...

THE ELITE: The Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service - Barbara Cole

R 550.00

The Rhodesian Special Air Service, one of the most formidable fighting forces in the world, operated almost exclusively across the borders during the long bitter bush war, undertaking deep-penetration missions against insurgents being harboured inside neighbouring Mozambique and Zambia. There were missions into Botswana too, and at one stage, SAS men were operating without benefit of passports in all three...

A Tango With Death: Brigadier Tolletjie Botha & DCC as told to Giancarlo Coccia

R 395.00

'Dancing a tango with death' was the daily life of the DCC - the Directorate of Covert Collection - secret agents, working in what JJ 'Tolletjie' Botha called 'hostile countries'. Who were these men? Airline pilots, Belgian missionaries, German industrialists, engineers, medical doctors, high-ranking officers of enemy countries and last, but not least, people like a well-known Namibian lawyer and a...

32Bn Tree of Honour (POSTER)

R 2,750.00

32 Battalion Tree of Honour - Poster. Signed by 4 Officers Commanding, Col Jan Breytenbach, Col Gert Nel, Col Jock Harris & Col Mucho Delport. Limited edition of 32 posters. Printed on high definition photo paper. Poster size: A1

Mobile Warfare for Africa: On the Successful Conduct of Wars in Africa and Beyond - (Roland de Vries, Camille Burger & Willem Steenkamp) (SIGNED)

R 950.00

Presenting a remarkable amount of experience drawing primarily from South Africa’s Border War in the form of case studies, supported fully by an extensive number of photographs and specially commissioned maps, this study has applications for historians, researchers, and contemporary military practice.This is an easy-to-read book with many real-life case-studies and examples which presents a yardstick for the enhancement of...

BLOOD MONEY: Stories of an ex-Recce’s Missions as a Private Military Contractor in Iraq - Johan Raath (HARDCOVER & SIGNED)

R 850.00

‘I remember the cracking sound of the AK-47 bullets as they tore through our windscreen . . . A piece of bullet struck my bulletproof vest in the chest area and another piece broke off and lodged in my left forearm.’ Johan Raath and a security team were ambushed in May 2004 while on a mission to reconnoitre a power...

The Black Beret: The History Of South Africa's Armoured Forces Volume 1 - Beginnings To The Invasion Of Madagascar 1942 (SIGNED)

R 1,250.00

Volume 1 of "The Black Beret" starts with the early history of South Africa and ends with the invasion of Madagascar by the South African Forces during WWII. This volume covers topics such as how armour came to the battlefield, the use of horses vs armoured car in German South West Africa in 1915, the first steps to mechanisation, the...

BORN TO STORM - Herman van Niekerk HCS, SM, MMM

R 395.00

THE STORM IN ME  EMPOWER Experience the ruthlessness of life and adapt to it by realising that in the quest to survive, empowerment is required. Learn that this lifestyle has serious  consequences  for  the  good  and  for  the  bad.  Relentlessly  push forward to get into positions from where top-class military operations are executed which have serious strategic consequences.  REBEL Gets...

Bat Out of Hell: A South African Paratrooper In America - Granger Korff

R 375.00

The aftermath… After the dust had settled, the smell of gun powder had dispersed, the crashing sound of mortars and RPG7s had faded away … what ghosts returned with young South African soldiers of the border war generation who fought at the tip of the spear against the communist threat on South Africa’s border? Young ‘parabats’, manufactured by the formidable...

Pilgrim Days: From Vietnam to the SAS - Alastair MacKenzie

Sold Out

If there was ever anyone who went a little further, a little beyond, it was Alastair MacKenzie. In a career spanning 30 years, MacKenzie served uniquely with the New Zealand Army in Vietnam, the British Parachute Regiment, the British Special Air Service (SAS), the South African Defence Force's famed ParaBats, the Sultan of Oman's Special Forces and a host of...

PAPA KILO: Veg en Wen: Die Verhaal van 'n Valskermsoldaat - Samajoor Sampie Stoffberg

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Reguit, sonder doekies omdraai en met 'n passie wat aansteeklik is. Gaan die inhoud in hierdie boek aanstoot gee? Besluit self! Dit is egter onmoontlik om eerlik en reguit jou hart uit te praat sonder om aanstoot aan iemand iewers te gee. Maar nou ja, dit is mos deedae die mode om polities korrek te wees, om te vertel hoe...

DZ: Memoires van 'n Parabat - Johan Engelbrecht

R 280.00

In hierdie werk deel Johan Engelbrecht sy persoonlike herinneringe met die lesers. Hy het reeds op 17-jarige ouderdom formeel aansoek gedoen vir toelating tot 1 Valskermbataljon se springkursus. Die Bataljon se se valskerm kwalifikasievleuls is op 18-jarige ouderdom aan hom toegeken en slegs 3 weke later is hy ook tot onderkorporaal bevorder. Hierdie werk is volgens die skrywer net sy...

WE DARE - Lt/Colonel Stanley F. Botten

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‘Train Hard and Fight Easy’ was the motto of a group of volunteer South Africans who were doing their national service, and being members of either the CF (CITIZEN FORCE) or Commandos, they felt the need for a specially trained group of soldiers. These men were prepared to sacrifice their weekends and/or any spare time they had to be able...

1 RECCE: The Night Belongs to Us - Alexander Strachan

R 300.00

1-Recce was the sharpest, most versatile and deadliest specialist unit in the entire South African army. These men were super fit, unbelievably tough and stopped at nothing. Time and again they put their lives at risk in the execution of highly secret operations behind enemy lines. For decades these missions have been kept secret. Now, for the first time, the Recces' most famous generals...

1 RECCE: Die Nag Behoort Aan Ons - Alexander Strachan

R 300.00

1-Recce was die skerpste, veelsydigste en dodelikste spesialiseenheid in die ganse Suid-Afrikaanse weermag. Dié manne was superfiks, bomenslik taai en het vir niks gestuit nie. Hulle het telkens hul lewens op die spel geplaas in die uitvoering van hoogs geheime operasies agter vyandelike linies. Dekades lank is oor al dié hoogs geheime sendings geswyg. Nou, vir die eerste keer, openbaar die Recce's se groot...

Zulu Foxtrot Reloaded: More Life and Death with Koevoet - Arn Durand

R 375.00

The terrorist was caught between our two Casspirs. Mandume, kolomesho, kolomesho, fok links, verby hulle,’ (left, left, fuck left drive past) I shouted down to Mandume and Mandume swung our Casspir to the left. As Boats’ Casspir was about to pass ours he opened fire with his .50 Browning. A long burst erupted and the insurgent was blown to hell and...

In the Kill Zone - Neil Reynolds

R 280.00

When Neil Reynolds was first asked whether he'd like to work in Iraq as a private military contractor, he didn't even know where it was on the map. But he would quickly learn the lay of the land and what it entails working in one of the world's most violent conflict zones. When he left for the Middle East at...

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