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Vulture soup, anyone? Or how about diesel-dipped dog biscuits as a side to some fried python? If you prefer something less severe, then how about having a braai on top of a submarine out in the middle of the ocean?

The South African Special Forces, or Recces, are known for being fearless and tough. Not only must they pass a notoriously gruelling selection course, but once they have qualified as operators, they often spend weeks in the bush living off rat packs and whatever else they can find.

This cookbook with a difference combines stories about their experiences in the field during the Border War with recipes from the bush and the sea, and even a few from the kitchen. Fortunately, most meals are edible! These recipe stories offer insight into the scope of activities of the different reconnaissance units, including 4 Recce at Langebaan, 5 Recce at Phalaborwa and 1 Recce at Durban.

Readers will also learn about some of the important life skills needed to be a member of the Special Forces as well as Recce philosophy, such as staying in the moment and being adaptable. This book feeds into the public’s fascination with this elite unit and will help to break down some of the secrecy around the Recces.


Publication date: 28 October 2017 

A hardcover edition, limited to only 250 books is also available, each book is numbered and signed by the authors and senior Special Forces Staff.

Customer Reviews

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Cpl. Jesse Carrillo 4031
An Army Marches On its Stomach has never been so true as this books shows

Very interesting book as it had lots of history about SA SF forces along with recipes that include carcass, Python and even Baboon! This is a book on an otherwise unfamiliar subject to most, and I'd even dare venture to say unfamliar subject to most SF operating around the world right now as I write. I wholeheartedly would purchase again and I recommend you get a copy. You will not be let down. Thanks Bush War Books for an amazing and practical read.

Marius Pieters
Clever title

Reminded me of the old days.

Johan Fourie
Specialised Cooking: THE RECCE WAY (Justin Vermaak & Douw Steyn)

Nice, tasty and easy to make receipes. Intertwined with interesting pictures and anecdotal stories about events and larger than life individuals. A great read.

Roelof Meyer

Excellent book and service

JF Heymans

Specialised Cooking: THE RECCE WAY (Justin Vermaak & Douw Steyn)


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