C-130 Hercules: A History - Martin W. Bowman

R 600.00

Designed in response to a 1951 requirement, the C-130 Hercules is the most successful military airlifter ever built. Since it first flew in prototype form on 23 August 1954, more than 2,100 have been produced in over eighty different versions. Across its variants, the Hercules serves more than sixty air forces, as well as many civilian cargo operators, in a...

Jack Malloch: Legend of the African Skies - Alan Brough

R 395.00

Alan Brough is a writer and historian who grew up in Rhodesia. During those turbulent years he heard the whispered stories of Jack Malloch, an amazing flyer who many credited with the very survival of the breakaway country. Yet on the surface Jack seemed to be nothing but a hard-working entrepreneur who owned a nondescript little cargo operation serviced by...

Death Flight: Apartheid's Secret Doctrine of Disappearance - Michael Schmidt

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In the late 1970s, as the apartheid government fought a desperate and dirty battle to stay in power, its security forces devised a chilling new tactic. A shadowy, top-secret unit called Delta 40 was established, tasked with the murder of hundreds of ANC, PAC, and SWAPO members. Victims’ bodies were flung from aircraft into the Atlantic Ocean. Based on the detailed analysis of flight logs and...

On Laughter-Silvered Wings: The Story of Lt. Col. E.T (Ted) Strever D.F.C - Gail Strever – Morkel

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This is the thoroughly researched account of the life and times of a South African WW2 pilot, the author's father, Ted. It is highly personal, drawing on family history and changing lifestyles as the central figure fights his way through a series of experiences, flying coastal strike missions in the Mediterranean and North Africa, then in the Far East against the...

Light Aircraft in SAAF Service: A Pictorial History: Volume 2 - 1948 - 2018 - Winston Brent

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African Aviation Series No. 34 Vol 2. Vol 2 covers the Austers, Dornier Do-27, Cessna 185, Cessna 208 Caravan, Beechcraft King Air 200/300, and the Sundry Acquisitions, including a lengthy article (11 pages) on “Dinky Toy”. A4, softcover in full colour with B&W photos, 224 pages.

The Uncomfortable Truth: An In Depth Study into The Rhodesian Viscount Tragedies - Geoffrey Alp

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A detailed examination of the Viscount tragedies in Rhodesia. Includes a technical review of the Strela ground to air missile and Vickers Viscount. A lot of questions get asked about the Viscount tragedies. Here are some that are addressed in the book.1. How did a journalist know it was aground to air missile before the forensic and crash investigation had been completed? 2....

Buccaneers of 24 Squadron – Book 3 – The New Era (Hard Cover)

R 1,150.00

This is the ‘concise’ (561 page) story of the Buccaneer aircraft in service with 24 Squadron. The period covered by this book is from 1976 to 1984. This was the beginning of the new era with the 600 series modified Buccaneers entering service. During this period the Buccaneer went to war for the first time and cover all the other...

Atlas MB326K Impala MK II in SAAF Service: A Pictorial History 1974-2005, Volume 2 (Winston Brent)

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African Aviation Series No. 30 A pictorial history of the Atlas MB326K Impala MKII in SAAF Service, 1974-2005, incorporating "The Impala MKII Goes To War" A4, softcover, 215 pages with photos. 

Atlas MB326M Impala MK1 in SAAF Service: A Pictorial History 1966-2005, Volume 1 (Winston Brent)

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African Aviation Series No. 29 A pictorial history of the Atlas MB326M Impala MK1 in SAAF Service, 1966-2005 A4, softcover, 290 pages with photos. 

Beyond the Edge of the Sky - Crow Stannard

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Beyond the Edge of the Sky by Crow Stannard is a collection of biographical stories from the life of Lt Gen Denis Earp, former Chief of the SA Air Force 1984 – 1988. This book includes memories of a fighter pilot who spent two years as a POW in the hands of the Chinese during the Korean War. It gives his personal accounts of those indescribably harrowing years...

Gunship Over Angola: The Story of a Maverick Pilot - Steve Joubert

R 260.00

Steve Joubert had always wanted to be a pilot and the only way he could afford to do so, was to join the South African Air Force in the late 1970's. As an adventurous young man with a wicked sense of humour, he tells of the many amusing escapades he had as a trainee pilot. But soon he is sent...

Light Aircraft in SAAF Service: A Pictorial History 1945 - 2018 - Winston Brent

R 695.00

African Aviation Series No. 33 Vol 1. Vol I covers the Austers, Dornier Do-27, Cessna 185, Cessna 208 Caravan, Beechcraft King Air 200/300, and the Sundry Acquisitions, including a lengthy article (11 pages) on “Dinky Toy”. A4, softcover in full colour with B&W photos, 224 pages.

UITERS GEHEIM en ander anekdotes - Kobus de Villiers

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Dit is die sestigs en die wêreld ondergaan groot veranderinge. Die Koue Oorlog, die ruimte wedloop, die Kubaanse misiel krisis, hippies en Woodstock. Motors met stertvinne en Suid-Afrika word ʼn Republiek en ons betaal met die Rand eerder as die Pond. Ek lê op die grasperk voor die ou Vrystaatse plaashuis en tuur die donker Afrika hemel in om die...

Buccaneers of 24 Squadron – Book 2 – The First 10 Years

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This is the concise story of the first ten years of service from 1966 to 1975 of the Buccaneer aircraft of 24 Squadron including all the tragic aircraft losses during this period, the Tip-to-Top race, sinking of the Wafra, Operation RSA-10 and the beginning of the Hanto bomb project. Col Simon van Garderen (Retired)  Ex Officer Commanding 24 Squadron writes: "What...

Live to Fly Another Day - Johan Nieuwoudt

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Johan Nieuwoudt shares his flying experiences in the South African Air Force, starting with his passion for aircraft as a school boy and ending some three decades later after a truly exciting career in the wonderful world of military aviation, and shares the privilege of having been part of the fascinating world of flying. There is something truly magical about...

Pirates of 24: A Pictorial Tribute to the Buccaneer S Mk50

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A pictorial tribute to the Buccaneer S Mk50, compiled by Johan Conradie and members of 24 Squadron SAAF. Foreword by Lt Gen Mike Muller. The Buccaneer was the best aircraft in the SAAF inventory in terms of an African Bush War according to Brig-Gen Dick Lord. The Buccaneer era started on 25th May 1965 when Cmdt Bob Rogers and Maj...

Buccaneers of 24 Squadron – Book 1 – The Beginning

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This is the concise story of why and how South Africa bought the Buccaneer aircraft including all the political turmoil surrounding the sale of the aircraft to South Africa. The training of the flight and ground crews as well as all the  drama during the delivery flight of the first eight aircraft to South Africa. Lt Gen Mike Muller – former 24 Sqn...

Libyan Air Wars: Part 3 1986-1989 (Tom Cooper, Albert Grandolini & Arnaud Delalande)

R 395.00

AFRICA@WAR SERIES: VOLUME 22 LIBYAN AIR WARS: PART 3 1986-1989 Confrontations between Libya, and the USA and France reached their highest point in the period between April 1986 and early 1989. In response to a Libyan-instigated and supported series of terror attacks against US citizens and interests in Europe, in April 1986 the USA launched Operation El Dorado Canoyon – a...

Libyan Air Wars: Part 2 1985-1986 (Tom Cooper, Albert Grandolini & Arnaud Delalande)

R 395.00

AFRICA@WAR SERIES: VOLUME 21 LIBYAN AIR WARS: PART 2 1985-1986 While the first volume in this mini-series spanned the first decade of confrontations between Libya and several of its neighbours, but foremost the USA and France, between 1973 and 1985, the second is to cover the period of less than a year – between mid-1985 and March 1986, when this confrontation...


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Silver Cross recipient, Mike Borlace is considered to be one of the most experienced combat helicopter pilots of recent times. Now he collates his experiences in this compelling wartime memoir set against the backdrop of the civil war fought in Rhodesia during the 1970s. Helicopters were a vital component of the small Rhodesian Defence Force and as part of special forces,...

77 years of NA Harvard under Southern African Skies: A Pictorial History 1940 - 2017 (Winston Brent)

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African Aviation Series No. 33 A pictorial history of the South African Harvard including the individual histories of all currently surviving Ex SAAF Harvards all over the world.  The focus is on “Where are they now?” Each of the surviving Harvards (up to Nov 1995) has at least one page per serial.There is also a chapter on Arnie Meneghelli and his...

Murder in the Zambezi: The Story of the Air Rhodesia Viscounts - Ian Pringle

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The crashes of Air Rhodesia Flight RH825 and Air Rhodesia Flight RH827 were two of the deadliest aviation incidents in the history of Zimbabwe—and they weren’t accidents. In this in-depth exploration of a little-known piece of southern African history, Ian Pringle tells a true story of terrorism, sabotage, and survival. Pringle, who lived in Rhodesia at the time of the...

Pilot, Prisoner, Patriot - Air Vice Marshal Hugh Slatter

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The book centers on the arrest, torture, imprisonment and trial of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force of Zimbabwe on false charges of treason against the new Government of Zimbabwe, headed by Robert Mugabe. The author, Air Vice Marshal Hugh Slatter, writes of his early childhood and upbringing in Africa (Southern Rhodesia) in the 1950s, followed by his...

Wings over Langebaanweg: Stories from a South African Air Force Base 1946-1993 - Andrew Embleton

R 695.00

This book is the third in a trilogy of books about aspects of flying training in the SAAF. The earlier books are FACTA NOSTRA VIVENT and GOING AROUND AGAIN by the same author. Langebaanweg has a long and important history as a SAAF air base. This book with its many pages of colour photographs is a modest attempt to record...

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