The Battle in Bangui: The Untold Inside Story - Helmoed Romer Heitman

R 0.00

This publication is a “must read” for everyone in uniform as well as those charged with decision-making in the South African military, particularly the SA National Defence Force’s political masters.Written by top South African defence analyst Helmoed Romer Heitman, “The Battle in Bangui: The Untold Inside Story” gives an insight into just how bravely the outnumbered contingent of South African...

MOTH Motorcycle Association (MMA)

R 10.00

The MMA is a group of ex servicemen with a common interest in biking. As MOTH's, the ideal is to help fellow comrades in need, either financially or physically and to remember all servicemen who have answered the Sunset Call, both in war and peace time. Read more here:  


Executive Outcomes: Against All Odds - Eeben Barlow (Revised Edition)

R 675.00 R 573.75

Executive Outcomes was already well known to several governments and private corporations before it exploded into controversy in 1993 after entering into a contract with Angola’s FAA to train a brigade-level force to decisively end their decades-old conflict with UNITA. It was also well known to those involved in fermenting conflicts in order to topple African governments with a view...


Composite Warfare: The Conduct of Successful Ground Force Operations in Africa - Eeben Barlow

R 450.00 R 382.50

Composite Warfare presents African soldiers and scholars with a true African ‘Art of War’. This book is intended as a guide and textbook for African soldiers and scholars who wish to understand the development of hostilities, strategy, operational design, doctrine and tactics. It also illustrates the importance of non-partisanship and the mission and role of the armed forces. It covers...

KOEVOET: The Men Speak - Jonathan Pittaway

R 950.00

This is the story of one of the world's most effective Special Forces units told by the men who served in it. Breaking with conventional military thinking, the South African Police created Koevoet by refining the concept of the counter-insurgency group pioneered in Rhodesia during the Bush War in order to provide up-to-date intelligence about an elusive enemy. Now at...

Grensoorlog / Bush War (Complete DVD Set - 26 Episodes)

R 300.00

For the first time ever ­ we reveal previously censored military footage which unashamedly tells the story of the true events of South Africa's Bush War. This series packs a powerful punch providing an intimate, sometimes shocking, yet balanced glimpse of an important era in Africa's history. GRENSOORLOG / BUSH WAR constitutes a literal unburdening for those whose voices have...

A Greater Share Of Honour: The Memoirs Of A Recce Officer - Major Jack Greeff

R 375.00

As a young Staff Sergeant in the Recces, Jack Greeff became one of the most decorated soldiers in the SADF. Leading two-man reconnaissance patrols deep into enemy held territories and operating under the noses of the enemy, they collected vital strategic information on enemy movements and installations.  Using the information gathered, he led raiding parties to the targets to execute...

Dead Men Running: On the front line of the South African Border War - Gavin Manning

Sold Out

Imagine the most tenacious and skilled soldiers in the business fighting in the most brutal of bush wars, Gavin Manning was there, from 1982 - 88, on the border of northern Namibia and southern Angola - right in the thick of it. The ultra-covert South African special forces unit known as Koevoet (or Special OPS-K) has been shrouded in mystery...

Journey Without Boundaries: The Operational Life & Experiences Of A SA Special Forces Small Team Operator - Col Andre Diedericks

Sold Out

This is the extraordinary tale of an extraordinary man. An honestly told story of his military career, of a man who was twice decorated for valour, who pioneered and developed the concept of "small team reconnaissance" within the South African Special Forces. He was a consummate warrior and gentleman and has told his story with humility and a disarming sense...


The South African Police Special Task Force: An Operator's Perspective - Shane Willard (SOFTCOVER)

R 450.00 R 382.50

"YOU HAVE NOT LIVED TILL YOU HAVE ALMOST DIED, AND FOR THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOUR THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW" The South African Police Special Task Force is the Special Operation element of the South African Police. They are considered to be amongst the best of such Units in the world. They have a formidable reputation...


R 300.00

BROTHERS IN BLOOD: THE MEN OF 32 BATTALION For the first time in history the men from 32 Battalion, the South African Defence Force’s most well-known, controversial and feared unit, talk about their experiences during the Border War. Some 60 former 32 Battalion members were interviewed, hundreds of photos were prepared and hours of film footage and video tape viewed to...


Daniel Roxo: The Phantom of the Forest - Stephen Dunkley

R 275.00 R 233.75

FRANCISCO DANIEL ROXO: Cruz de Guerra 1st class, Cruz de Guerra 2nd class, Medal of Distinguished Service, Honoris Crux Decoration, Pro Patria Medal, Southern African Medal. There have been many men and women throughout history who have contributed one way or the other in the battle against evil, injustice or terrorism. Portugal produced perhaps one of the finest self-trained guerrilla fighters the world...

ANGOLA: The War (DVD) - Peter Lamberti

Sold Out

A faraway war… A clash of ideologies… And some of the biggest battles fought on African soil since World War Two. For twenty-three years, five western nations, members of the Soviet bloc and two superpowers were locked into a war never formally declared. The South African Defence Force pitted against communist Angolans, SWAPO, Cubans, and Russians. It all began in...

RECCE: Small Team Missions Behind Enemy Lines - Koos Stadler

Sold Out

Shrouded in secrecy due to the covert nature of their work, the legendary Recces have fascinated South Africans for years. Now one of these elite soldiers has written a tell-all book about the extraordinary missions he embarked on and the nail-biting action he experienced in the Border War.Shortly after passing the infamously gruelling Special Forces selection course in the early 1980's,...


The War For Africa: Conflict, Crime, Corruption and Foreign Interests - Eeben Barlow

R 550.00 R 467.50

‘The War for Africa: Conflict, Crime, Corruption and Foreign Interests’ is a hard-hitting account of the undeclared and invisible conflicts and wars that go almost unnoticed in the daily mainstream media. The impact of these economic, military, and political conflicts on the continent and its people is devastating. This book offers a personal, yet disturbing and behind-the-scenes glimpse of much...

"Mad Mike"Hoare: The Legend - Chris Hoare

R 450.00

Colonel Mike Hoare led 300 ‘Wild Geese’ across the Congo to crush a communist rebellion, rescue 2000 nuns and priests from barbarity, beat Che Guevara … and become a legend. Of Irish blood, Mike was schooled in England and, during World War 2, was the ‘best bloody soldier in the British Army’. He demobbed as major, qualified in London as...

A Handful of Hard Men: The SAS and the Battle for Rhodesia - Hannes Wessels

R 395.00

During the West’s great transition into the post-Colonial age, the country of Rhodesia refused to succumb quietly and throughout the 1970s fought back almost alone against Communist-supported elements that it did not believe would deliver proper governance. During this long war many heroes emerged, but none more skilful and courageous than Captain Darrell Watt of the Rhodesian SAS, who placed...


SPECIAL AIR SERVICE: The Men Speak - Jonathan Pittaway

R 950.00 R 807.50

Until now little has been known about the Rhodesian contribution to the history of the SAS. Now at last the men themselves tell their own stories of the exploits of that Special Forces unit during the Bush War and the years before. SAS Rhodesia provides a comprehensive account of the origins and history of this famous Special Forces unit, as told...

1 RECCE: The Night Belongs to Us - Alexander Strachan

Sold Out

1-Recce was the sharpest, most versatile and deadliest specialist unit in the entire South African army. These men were super fit, unbelievably tough and stopped at nothing. Time and again they put their lives at risk in the execution of highly secret operations behind enemy lines. For decades these missions have been kept secret. Now, for the first time, the Recces' most famous generals...

SELOUS SCOUTS: The Men Speak - Jonathan Pittaway

Sold Out

Breaking with conventional military thinking, the Rhodesian Selous Scouts perfected the age-old tradition of pseudo warfare to infiltrate an elusive enemy. Now at last the men themselves give their own accounts of the exploits of that famous unit. SELOUS SCOUTS: THE MEN SPEAK provides a comprehensive account of the origins and history of this famous Special Forces unit as told...


Ratel: The Making of a Legend (2 Volume Bookset)

R 750.00 R 637.50

This two-volume book covers the history of the Ratel from the requirement for an ICV for the SA Army in the late 1960s and early 1970s through to the development, production and deployment of Ratel and to its final major combat operation of the Border War in 1989.   The book is about Ratel, not about the Border War; although, obviously,...


BORN TO STORM - Herman van Niekerk HCS, SM, MMM

R 395.00 R 335.75

THE STORM IN ME  EMPOWER Experience the ruthlessness of life and adapt to it by realising that in the quest to survive, empowerment is required. Learn that this lifestyle has serious  consequences  for  the  good  and  for  the  bad.  Relentlessly  push forward to get into positions from where top-class military operations are executed which have serious strategic consequences.  REBEL Gets...

We Fear Naught But God: The Pictorial Edition of the South African Special Forces - Paul J Els

Sold Out

The first ever Special Forces for the SADF started with a small group of eleven men under the command of Commandant Jan Breytenbach all handpicked by him in 1970. They commenced their training in Oudtshoorn and all 11 men did specialised courses in something they were not qualified for in as yet. e.g. divers, demolition, parachute jumping. etc. The group...

We Dared to Win: The SAS in Rhodesia - Hannes Wessels with Andre Scheepers

R 395.00

In his own words Andre Scheepers describes his childhood on a farm, learning about the bush from his African friends, and becoming a soldier. The family had to leave the farm after being ambushed by terrorists. A quiet, introspective deep thinker, Andre started out as a trooper in the Rhodesian Light Infantry commandos and was hectically engaged in Fire-Force combat...

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