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South Africa's armed forces invaded Angola in 1975, setting off a war that had consequences for the whole region that are still felt today. A Far-Away War contributes to a wider understanding of this war in Angola and Namibia. The book does not only look at the war from an "old" South African (Defence Force) perspective, but also gives a voice to participants “on the other side” – emphasising the role of the Cubans and Russians. This focus is supplemented by the inclusion of many never-before-published photographs from Cuban and Russian archives, and a comprehensive bibliography.

Published: February 2016. Softcover, 208 pages.

Editors: Ian Liebenberg, Jorge Risquet, Vladimir Shubin


Customer Reviews

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Herman van Straaten
A Far-Away War: Angola 1975 -1989

When purchasing the book I thought it would be a very good book to read! What a disappointment! A real propaganda exercise book to discredit and paint a negative picture of the former SADF! I would definitely not recommend this book!

Iain Clark

Crap book, full of apologist propaganda and more about the end conscription campaign than anything else. Avoid.

Jaco Zeeman
Ops Savannah 1975

The introduction states: "South Africa's armed forces invaded Angola in 1975". This was Ops Savannah, the first conventional invation of Angola by the SADF. I have not read the book but what I can make of the intro is that the 1975 invation triggered the massive influx of mainly Cuban advisors, commanders and soldiers and some Russian advisors et al. This is where it starts and I believe that it is only from here onwards, that the Cubans and Russians have anything to say because it was there first contatc with the SADF. Maybe the intro should be revised?!

Buks van Niekerk
Questionanble facts!

The Bushwar certainly did NOT start in 1975.... I have not read the book , but that mere mistake, put already serious doubt in what other "mistakes" will be made. Will this be one of those political correct books that twist facts to fiction to please the political twisted society of the 2010's... Will certainly read it and will apologies if my "foresight" is wrong.


Customer Reviews

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