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When Johan Booysen hears that the new Provincial Police Chief takes backhanders from a Durban businessman, he decides to give her the benefit of the doubt. But the evidence becomes impossible to ignore and he soon gets dragged down the corridors of power and politics into a web of intrigue, deceit and betrayal that, at times, he has trouble making sense of. Only when he is arrested, handcuffed and tossed into a cell does Booysen realise just how ruthless those opposed to him are – an opposition he comes to call the ‘cabal’ – and whom he believes have more blood on their hands than the so-called Cato Manor Death Squad with which he is closely associated.

Blood on their Hands traces Johan Booysen’s life and career – from patrolling the streets of Amanzimtoti in the 1970’s to his rise in 2010 to major general and head of KZN’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation unit, the Hawks. But his tenure is short-lived. When Booysen decides to take on those so determined to be rid of him, each legal battle he wins is met by hostility and further efforts to shut him out of the of the criminal justice system. But capitulating is not in his DNA…

Softcover, 209 pages. Published September 2016.

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Arfon Williams
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Mara P
Brutally truthful comes to mind while reading this book!

When Johan Booysen shows he is not concerned about his image, admitting his failures in life as well as his successes in this book, the reader inevitably wants to know more about this man.
If you were one of the many wondering what on earth is going on while listening to the news on events in KZN since the 1990’s, Blood on their Hands will enlighten you on what happened on the ground and real story behind the news reports. The seemingly endless bank robberies, the cash in transit heists, Police killings and the happenings at the Cato Manor Police station are but a few to take center stage in this gripping book.

The importance of communication and upholding the chain of command with regards to reporting structures and doing so with integrity and profound loyalty is evident , however one can clearly see that from the outset that this basic fundamental was not shared by General Booysen’s colleagues. The fact that General Booysen learned from mistakes and thus painstakingly ensured that all operations and reports were executed and reported factually and with a high level competence definitely a saving grace. The age old conception that certain journalists can be unscrupulous and bias when reporting in the media is a common thread that underlined over and over again.

The way the Cato Manor squad was disbanded left me with an uncomfortable feeling of history repeating itself.
Then the headhunt on General Booysen intensifies ….
When I completed the reading of this book I was left in awe. The blatant way the lives of 18 people were shattered by influences of unscrupulous businessmen, incompetent persons appointed to apprehend the law and corrupt self-serving NPA officials, were revealing of the current status quo in South Africa today, those that are consistently trying to uphold the law and ensure justice is served will always be challenged by those that have hidden agendas and even by those with blatant agendas.

General Johan Booysen's insistence on clearing h...

Sias van Schalkwyk
BLOOD on their HANDS: General Johan Booysen Reveals his Truth

Excellent read, detailing the roles of many current leaders, politicians and families since the early days of our democracy, and how the police and individuals were used and abused by various parties involved.

BLOOD on their HANDS is a TOP read!

An excellent read with very informative content. The rot in RSA Government institutions is more prolific than I ever thought!

Gert Nel
Blood On Their Hands

This is the compelling truth of the South African Police Service of today. I can live myself into this book.


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