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Koevoet! has been an global bestseller since its release over 20 years ago. This new edition goes far beyond the original in capturing the courage, fear and intensity of South Africa's deadly bush war. Never before had an outsider been given unrestricted access to Koevoet, the elite South West African Police counterinsurgency unit - also known as Operation K and officially as the South West Africa Police Counter Insurgency Unit (SWAPOL-COIN). Author Jim Hooper spent a total of five months embedded with the semi-secret and predominantly black 'Ops K', which climaxed with one of the most vicious and determined infiltrations ever mounted by the communist-backed South West Africa People s Organization (SWAPO).

Crossing regularly into Angola in pursuit of the insurgents, he saw friends die next to him and was twice wounded himself. This updated edition, drawing on the recollections and diaries of the men he rode with, will fascinate yet another generation of readers. In assembling this work, Jim Hooper had the opportunity to re-connect with so many of the men who allowed this outsider to ride with them. All of which brought a new intensity and poignancy. It also reminded Jim Hooper how privileged he was to have been witness to Koevoet's war. This stunning work is a tribute to Koevoet and the legend they created.

"Hooper is a careful reporter, but also a born writer; his vivid word-pictures drag you in and hold you. He skillfully conveys his initially unwelcoming reception by an operational unit; the long, frustrating grind of search operations in punishing terrain and climate; the extraordinary bush skills of the Ovambo policemen; the shock of sudden contact, and its aftermath." Martin Windrow

"Jim Hooper's account of South Africa's successful "Ops K" in Namibia against South West Africa's People's Organization guerrillas should be required reading. The classic narrative is as timely today as it was twenty years ago." Charles D. Melson, Chief Historian, U.S. Marine Corps University.

"This expanded edition is a skillfully woven mosaic of personal accounts from those involved and what he experienced during combat with Koevoet. The use of new material from those he rode with lays bare the realities of war, the fears and emotions that ebb and flow in the heat of combat, and the courage one finds to bring the battle to the enemy" Piet Nortje, Author of 32 Battalion

"Koevoet describes in great detail the men, both black and white, and their mine-protected cross-country vehicles which were years ahead of anything in use by other western forces, the dedicated helicopter support units and the tactics used to bring an elusive guerrilla force to battle." Paul French, Author of Shadows of a Forgotten Past: To the Edge with the Rhodesian SAS and Selous Scouts.

Paperback, 312 pages. Published February 2014, 3rd edition

Customer Reviews

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Peter Wilson
Fantastic Read Giving an Accurate Account of the Inside Workings of Koevoet

Jim Hooper has to be admired for his bravery, tenacity and desire to tell the truth. I am an ex South African, now US citizen, and spent time “on the border”. My curiosity of Koevoet was aroused due to their incredible effectiveness in COIN operations and friends who had flown missions in support of Koevoet.
The book, Koevoet, is an accurate and unbiased account what actually happened in COIN operations and the life of the operators. The author was granted full access to the Koevoet teams and basically became one with the unit when he embedded for an extended period of time. Jim has a wonderful style of writing and the book is so easy to read and difficult to put down.
This is a must read for anyone who has an interest in trying to understand the dynamics of the “Border War” and the socio-political influence of communism on the world. After reading Koevoet I immediately procured a copy of Blood Song and Black Vortex has been ordered.

Riaan Heyneke

What an awesome book. I have read it twice. Both made me laugh and sad both times. The book is fantastically written from an observer's point of view, not finding what he was expecting. He did what he was asked, to just write the facts nothing less. Highly recommended for anyone.

Hendrik Nel
A Classic Revived

I read the original edition of this Bush war classic when it was first published and I have been trying to obtain a copy ever since. This new revised edition, however, is an even better read. This book should have a place on any serious ''Bush war'' enthusiast's bookshelf. A great, entertaining read.

Robin Marklew


Liezel Freitag

A book worth reading


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