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This is the extraordinary tale of an extraordinary man. An honestly told story of his military career, of a man who was twice decorated for valour, who pioneered and developed the concept of "small team reconnaissance" within the South African Special Forces. He was a consummate warrior and gentleman and has told his story with humility and a disarming sense that what he did was simply the job he was given, when even the most cursory reading will show that it was anything but simple or easy.

Paperback, 212 pages with photos & maps. Print-on-Demand title.


André (Diedies) Diedericks was born in Pretoria on 7 December 1955, the youngest of four children. He reported for compulsory National Military Service on 7 January 1974 and within a few weeks he volunteered for Special Forces selection, a course that he would successfully complete. Andre would eventually serve in the Special Forces for two decades and would also pioneer the concept of small team operations. He rose to the rank of Colonel within the SADF and was also decorated twice for valour:

Decorations & Awards: Honoris Crux Silver (HCS); Honoris Crux (HC); Southern Cross Medal (SM); Military Merit Medal (MMM); Pro Patria Medal with Cunene clasp; Southern Africa Medal; General Service Medal; Unitas Medal; Good Service Silver (20 years) & Good Service Bronze (10 years).

Suffering from terminal cancer, Diedies passed away on 7 May 2005. 

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Vary good title it means what it say

The Book it self is a remarkable read i enjoyed it vary much it takes the reader on a Journey through the eyes of one of the most decorated Soldiers in the SADF SF

Journey Without Boundaries

Great read.

Bushwar books

Great service yet again

Great service

Great service, thanks

Journey without boundaries

Excellent little book about an amazing soldier.


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