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‘Train Hard and Fight Easy’ was the motto of a group of volunteer South Africans who were doing their national service, and being members of either the CF (CITIZEN FORCE) or Commandos, they felt the need for a specially trained group of soldiers.

These men were prepared to sacrifice their weekends and/or any spare time they had to be able to serve their country, even though it would not be for personal gain and was fraught with danger.      

Formed under the banner of the ‘Hunter Training Group’, this fighting group chose the scorpion (Parabutas) as their emblem. They felt that this best described their group in that it too, was small but deadly.

Seen from the eyes of one of the founding officers, this book is the account of the group and the volunteers that made up this unusual group. It covers their beginning, growth and finally their establishment as a dedicated and versatile force to be reckoned with.

Softcover, 164 pages.

Customer Reviews

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Gert Nel
Very descriptive

Nice history of 2 Recce. Excellent illustrated by photos.

Roelof Meyer
Excellent book and buy

Excellent book and buy

Order of We Dare

Excellent and very speedy service.
Thank you very much!

Rae Lambert
A bit disappointing

This is an important book on a subject that deserves airing. However there is an evident lack of proper editing. Some of the names are a bit miss-spelt, for example "Rattle" instead of "Ratel" and "Tokerev" instead of "Tokarev". The S.A.S. and L.R.D.G. were two entirely different entities. However, these criticisms aside this is a book which deserves a place on the bookshelf of anybody who is interested in the history of South African Special Forces.

Hendrik Nel
Expected More

Although this title fills an important gap for the amateur military historian interested in the formation of this Citizen Force Reconnaissance unit, it does, however suffer from that all too familiar ailment of all self-published books - a lack of professional editing.

Lt Col. Botten, obviously has first-hand knowledge of the unit, which is quite evident. One would, however, expect a bit more 'military savvy' from a senior officer of his knowledge and training. The British SAS is not an offshoot from the Long Range Desert Group - these are separate entities entirely - as numerous publications on the matter suggests. Furthermore, the SADF IFV is called a Ratel, not a Rattle, as written by Lt. Col. Botten. Also, the proper accepted abbreviation of the rank Lieutenant Colonel is Lt. Col.

If these glaring mistakes could be eradicated in future editions, this book has a worthy place on any bookshelf.


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