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This book is the third in a trilogy of books about aspects of flying training in the SAAF. The earlier books are FACTA NOSTRA VIVENT and GOING AROUND AGAIN by the same author. Langebaanweg has a long and important history as a SAAF air base. This book with its many pages of colour photographs is a modest attempt to record a small piece of history. It is not an official record but a scrapbook of memories.

Chapters include:

A short history of Langebaanweg Air Force Base, flying the Spitfire, the Vampire and the Impala MB 326M. Other  contributors include  memories  of retired  AFB Langebaanweg Commanding Officers, the  secret training  of Rhodesian pilots and over 100interesting, amusing and personal stories and reminiscences from people who remember  times and events from the post-war Spitfire days in the nineteen fifties  through  to the  departure  of  the  Impalas  in  1993. There are  tables  of accidents  (courtesy  historian  Steve Mclean) and  a full  history  of  the  SAAF Vampire (courtesy Geoff Timms and The De Havilland Society). A detailed paper (in Afrikaans by Sophia de Preez also details the early base history (courtesy Military Society).


First Published in June 2017, hardcover, 342 pages with colour photos.


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