In His Honor Outreach Foundation

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In His Honour Outreach Foundation is a fully registered Section 21 company (non profit company); it assists fellow military veterans and their families that have fallen onto hard and difficult times.  

The Tall Assassin: The Darkest Political Murders of the Old South Africa - Alan D. Elsdon

R 280.00

General Hendrik van den Bergh, head of Security Police and BOSS, was for many, the most feared man in the Apartheid-era South Africa. He reigned in terror and was a noted personality among Cold War spies. This book, by a former member of the Security Police, implicates him in the murders of HF Verwoerd, Steve Biko, Dr Robert Smit and his wife,...

Forged in Battle: The Birth and Growth of 32 Battalion - Col Jan Breytenbach

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This book follows the development of the 32 Battalion from its confused origins from former enemies and terrorists into the best counter-insurgency force in the world. Jan Breytenbach gets it spot on with this one, his skill at story telling is great! 32 Battalion was a very well respected unit in the SADF and one can easily see why when reading...

1 RECCE: Die Nag Behoort Aan Ons - Alexander Strachan

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1-Recce was die skerpste, veelsydigste en dodelikste spesialiseenheid in die ganse Suid-Afrikaanse weermag. Dié manne was superfiks, bomenslik taai en het vir niks gestuit nie. Hulle het telkens hul lewens op die spel geplaas in die uitvoering van hoogs geheime operasies agter vyandelike linies. Dekades lank is oor al dié hoogs geheime sendings geswyg. Nou, vir die eerste keer, openbaar die Recce's se groot...

Die Buffel Struikel: 'n Storie Van 32 Bataljon En Sy Mense - Dr LJ Bothma

Sold Out

This is a story about 32 Battalion and its people. In this book the casualties of war aren't just numbers, the author puts a name to the wounded and the dead and we get to know many of them personally (if only briefly in some cases), while living through their vividly retold stories. Dr Bothma chronologically interweaves his own path...

Surviving The Ride - Steve Camp & Helmoed Heitman

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Ever wanted to know how South Africa became a world leader in the field of mine-protected vehicles? How about the many prototypes developed in secrecy by South Africa during the 1970s and 1980s, in defiance of the UN-led international arms embargo against the country? You probably didn’t know that in the past 40 years South Africa has developed and manufactured over 200 different mine-protected vehicles and their...

Rooiplaas!: 1 Valskermbataljon - Renier du Toit & Ronnie Claassen

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1 Valskermbataljon is een van die bekendste weermagseenhede in Suid-Afrika. Die bekende maroen baret en die vlerkies met die valskerm op die bors van hierdie soldate, het aan hulle ’n onderskeibare identiteit en status verleen. Rooiplaas, die opleidingsterrein in Bloemfontein vir honderde valskermsoldate, het ’n ryke geskiedenis. In 1960 is die eerste Suid-Afrikaanse soldate in die verenigde Koninkryk as valskermspringers...

South Africa's Border War 1966-89 / Suid Afrika se Grensoorlog 1966-89 - Willem Steenkamp

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Of all the books about South Africa’s 21-year ‘Border War’ - fought on both sides of Angola’s frontier with present-day Namibia - South Africa’s Border War has always been rated as among the best. A significant, full-color volume, it originally sold 31,000 copies in South Africa alone and has been out of print for decades.  This version is the first...

Watch My Tracer - Keith Chisnall

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A third generation Rhodesian tells the story of his upbringing on a farm and his days learning to track and survive in the bush. Later he would use this knowledge in operational conditions during the Rhodesian Civil War. In classic Special Branch style, you will not find an account of a unit called Pachedu in the history books, but it...

A Whisper In The Reeds: South Africa's 32 Battalion At War - Justin Taylor

R 550.00

This amazing work relates the experiences of Justin Taylor who served as the Signals Officer for the South African Defense Force’s infamous 32 Battalion – the ‘Terrible Ones’! As a young officer he trained in the intricacies of Signaling before volunteering for Border Duty and service with 32 Battalion – a request that was met with astonishment – ‘you want...

Four Ball, One Tracer: Commanding Executive Outcomes In Angola And Sierra Leone - Roelf van Heerden as told to Andrew Hudson

R 275.00

Brutally honest and devoid of hyperbole, this is Roelf van Heerden's Executive Outcomes. / Unapologetic, unassuming and forthright, the combat exploits of Executive Outcomes (EO) in Angola and Sierra Leone are recounted for the first time by a battlefield commander who was physically on the ground during all their major combat operations. From fighting UNITA for the critical oil installations...

Special Forces: Jam Stealer - Peet Coetzee

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Peet Coetzee grew up in a Military environment, in the days when Saracens and Panhards APC's, flat tin helmets and real soldiers could still be seen in Voortrekkerhoogte. His experience in the SADF began in 1963 and ended with him serving with his countries' best elite fighting forces;" The Recces" 464 Pages & photos. Published 2008

The Terrible Ones: The Complete History Of 32 Battalion (Volumes 1 & 2) - Piet Nortje

Sold Out

The soldiers of 32 Battalion were so feared by their enemies that they were called ‘the terrible ones’. This comprehensive two-volume work covers in detail the unit’s 117 documented military operations from 1976 to 1993. Nortje explains how the operations were planned and executed, what went wrong, what went right, and what the outcomes were. It also goes back to...

A Far-Away War: Angola 1975-1989

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South Africa's armed forces invaded Angola in 1975, setting off a war that had consequences for the whole region that are still felt today. A Far-Away War contributes to a wider understanding of this war in Angola and Namibia. The book does not only look at the war from an "old" South African (Defence Force) perspective, but also gives a voice...

Beyond No Mean Soldier: The Explosive Recollections of a Former Special Forces Operator - Peter McAleese

R 500.00

Peter McAleese needs little introduction... His classic book No Mean Soldier was an immediate bestseller and set the bar for the modern military memoir. Few have since met its match. This completely revised and expanded edition sees a philosophical McAleese revisiting his time with Britain's Parachute Regiment, the SAS, Rhodesia's SAS and the South African Defence Force's 44 Para Brigade. Oh,...

Punt Van Die Dolk: Verhale Van Recce Kleinspan-Operasies - Peet Coetzee

R 280.00

Peet Coetzee het in Voortrekkerhoogte groot geword en drie en dertig jaar as Staande Mag lid in die ou Suid-Afrikaanse weermag gedien. Met sy vorige twee boeke, “Special Forces Jam Stealer” en “Ons vergeet nie”, het Coetzee reeds die reputasie verwerf as die skrywer van aangrypende oorlogsmemoirs wat ‘n ryklik geïllustreerde en omvattende blik bied op die grensoorlog. Hierdie boek...

CHEETAH - Guardians of the Nation - Winston Brent

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African Aviation Series No. 23  CHEETAH - Guardians of the Nation In 1981 the SAAF produced a Staff Requirement to replace the Mirage III's and F1's. From this requirement the Cheetah was born. The author covers the initial development of this Project, right through to the arrival of the Cheetah C. This book was published to coincide with the final...

BLOOD on their HANDS: General Johan Booysen Reveals his Truth - Jessica Pitchford

R 250.00

When Johan Booysen hears that the new Provincial Police Chief takes backhanders from a Durban businessman, he decides to give her the benefit of the doubt. But the evidence becomes impossible to ignore and he soon gets dragged down the corridors of power and politics into a web of intrigue, deceit and betrayal that, at times, he has trouble making...

Diary of Operation Savannah - Paul J. Els

R 220.00

This book celebrates the 40th anniversary of Operation Savannah and serves as memorabilia for all Operation Savannah veterans. Operation Savannah was the first major conventional war since World War Two whereby the SADF came to clash against a MPLA force supported by the Soviet Union and Cuba. A5 size, 318 pages. 

19 With A Bullet: A South African Paratrooper In Angola - Granger Korff

R 300.00

"A fast-moving, action-packed account of Granger Korff's two years' service during 1980/81 with 1 Parachute Battalion at the height of the South African 'bush war' in South West Africa (Namibia) and Angola. Apart from the 'standard' counter-insurgency activities of Fireforce operations, ambushing and patrols, to contact and destroy SWAPO guerrillas, he was involved in several massive South African Defense Force...

Specialised Cooking: THE RECCE WAY (Justin Vermaak & Douw Steyn)

R 325.00

Vulture soup, anyone? Or how about diesel-dipped dog biscuits as a side to some fried python? If you prefer something less severe, then how about having a braai on top of a submarine out in the middle of the ocean? The South African Special Forces, or Recces, are known for being fearless and tough. Not only must they pass a...

Demand A Brave Heart - Barry Stranack

Sold Out

The autobiography of Barry Stranack's life, some of which were in the military. He details his life within the Rhodesian Light Infantry before serving as an under age mercenary with 5 Commando in the Congo for 18 months during the 60's. Returning to Rhodesia, he served as a clandestine Operator in the famous Selous Scouts.  This is a book which...

Die Roem en die Rou: Stories agter Honoris Crux - Dr At van Wyk

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Die Roem en die Rou: Stories agter Honoris Crux het in 2008 die eerste keer verskyn as 'n keur uit vertellings wat dekades gelede verskyn het in At van Wyk se twee boeke, Honoris Crux: Ons Dapperes / Our Brave en Honoris Crux II. Ook inligting wat destyds as te sensitief vir publikasie beskou is, is hierin opgeneem. Hierdie heruitgawe...

Secret SAS Missions in Africa: C Squadrons Counter-Terrorist Operations 1968 - 1980 (Michael Graham )

Sold Out

This fascinating book is the first to cover the little known C Squadron of the Special Air Service. Operating in Africa, the Squadron was involved in almost continuous counter communist terrorist operations over the period 1968 to 1980. In the unstable final stages of British colonial and white rule, the Squadron was never short of action. African nationalist movements, backed...