A Guide to South African Military Awards - Paul P. Matthysen

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A Guide to South African Military Awards by Paul P. Matthysen is the definitive work on South African military orders, decorations, medals and their variations. Colour photographs throughout and now out of print. Published in 2002. Softcover, A4, 314 pages.

A Man - A Soldier: The Memoirs of Gen George Meiring

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General Georg Meiring is the last of the BIG FIVE GENERALS of the Border War era – consisting of names that were commonly heard in South African households and often on the lips of many a young national serviceman of that time, Magnus Malan, Constand Viljoen, Jannie Geldenhuys, Kat Liebenberg, Georg Meiring. These were the leaders of the most powerful...

A Military History of Modern South Africa - Ian van der Waag

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The 20th Century has been one of enduring, rapid and fundamental social and political change. In Southern Africa, innumerable wars, rebellions, uprisings and protests have marked the integration, disintegration and then reintegration of both society and subcontinent during this period. The century started with a brief but total war. Less than ten years later victorious Britain brought the conquered Boer...

A Tango With Death: Brigadier Tolletjie Botha & DCC as told to Giancarlo Coccia

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'Dancing a tango with death' was the daily life of the DCC - the Directorate of Covert Collection - secret agents, working in what JJ 'Tolletjie' Botha called 'hostile countries'. Who were these men? Airline pilots, Belgian missionaries, German industrialists, engineers, medical doctors, high-ranking officers of enemy countries and last, but not least, people like a well-known Namibian lawyer and a...

A Whisper In The Reeds: South Africa's 32 Battalion At War - Justin Taylor

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This amazing work relates the experiences of Justin Taylor who served as the Signals Officer for the South African Defense Force’s infamous 32 Battalion – the ‘Terrible Ones’! As a young officer he trained in the intricacies of Signaling before volunteering for Border Duty and service with 32 Battalion – a request that was met with astonishment – ‘you want...

African Air Forces - Winston Brent

R 400.00

African Aviation Series No. 5.  At the time of publication in 1999, never before had such a comprehensive publication been compiled which gave the reader in-depth detail of the aircraft flown by the many air forces – large and small – in Africa. It lists all air forces and air arms in Africa with their respective inventory and it is...

Altered States - Frank Nunes

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The memoirs of Frank Nunes during his time in the South African Army in the 1980's. We follow his adventures through his two years National Service as he tries to get into the Parabats, then gets sent to 8 SAI and to the SWA/Angolan Border. “…Of the several ‘altered states’ experienced in my life, the events pertinent to this personal...

Anderkant Cuito: 'n Reisverhaal Van Die Grensoorlog - LJ Bothma

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Anderkant Cuito is die verhaal van ‘n groep oudsoldate wat teruggaan na ou basisse en slagvelde in Namibië en Angola, waar die Grensoorlog van 1966 tot 1989 gewoed het. Hulle deel herinneringe, onthou makkers, ontlaai, reik uit na ou vyande, maak vriende langs die pad, reis deur die geskiedenis en soek na die waarheid. Hulle is die generasie wat ‘n...

ANGOLA: The War (DVD) - Peter Lamberti

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A faraway war… A clash of ideologies… And some of the biggest battles fought on African soil since World War Two. For twenty-three years, five western nations, members of the Soviet bloc and two superpowers were locked into a war never formally declared. The South African Defence Force pitted against communist Angolans, SWAPO, Cubans, and Russians. It all began in...

ANGOLAN RENDEZVOUS: Man and Nature in the Shadow of War

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In Angola everything is interwoven: life and death, war and peace. Ostensibly, this book is in two voices: Tamar Golan, Israel’s first Ambassador to Angola, deals with the political/diplomatic aspects, while the stories on gorillas, the Black giant sable and Nature are by zoologist/ecologist, Tamar Ron. But in reality, the book has one voice, one of love for Angola, its...

Angolan War of Liberation - Colonial-Communist Clash, 1961-1974 - Al J.Venter

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When a large group of rebels invaded Angola from a recently independent Congo in 1961, it heralded the opening shots in another African war of independence. Between 1961 and 1974, Portugal faced the extremely ambitious task of conducting three simultaneous counterinsurgency campaigns to preserve its hegemony of Angola, Portuguese Guinea and Mozambique. While other European states were falling over themselves...

Angolsh: Scenes from an Army Camp - Greg Latter

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In early 1976 while working underground as a blaster on ERPM gold mine in Boksburg, Greg Latter was called up for a three-month army camp in Angola, and there was no getting out of it. The truth is, he was actually keen to go. This story is about those three months, told from the day he received his call-up telegram...

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