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The true, personal and extraordinary first-hand account of an ordinary young soldier who served in the South African Artillery during World War II.

Mike Sadler joined the army at the tender age of 17 as a signaller. This is his story, of why and how he joined up, his experiences under training, and his part in the North Africa campaign. He was stationed in Tobruk when it fell in June 1942 to Rommel's advance at the end of the Battle of Gazala. Mike was not yet 20 when he was captured and handed over to the Italian forces. His story then details his adventures as a prisoner of war, first in North Africa, then in Italy and finally in Austria in Stalag 18C before release and freedom finally came.

A very exciting but also touching and personal account of his own physical and spiritual journey, as well as a deep insight into the many men and women he met over this historic time.

Paperback, 500 pages



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