Koevoet!: Experiencing South Africa's Deadly Bush War - Jim Hooper

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Koevoet! has been an global bestseller since its release over 20 years ago. This new edition goes far beyond the original in capturing the courage, fear and intensity of South Africa's deadly bush war. Never before had an outsider been given unrestricted access to Koevoet, the elite South West African Police counterinsurgency unit - also known as Operation K and...

Executive Outcomes: Against All Odds - Eeben Barlow (Revised Edition) (Hardcover, Signed)

R 1,350.00

Executive Outcomes was already well known to several governments and private corporations before it exploded into controversy in 1993 after entering into a contract with Angola’s FAA to train a brigade-level force to decisively end their decades-old conflict with UNITA. It was also well known to those involved in fermenting conflicts in order to topple African governments with a view...

The Black Beret: The History Of South Africa's Armoured Forces Volume 1 - Beginnings To The Invasion Of Madagascar 1942 (SIGNED)

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Volume 1 of "The Black Beret" starts with the early history of South Africa and ends with the invasion of Madagascar by the South African Forces during WWII. This volume covers topics such as how armour came to the battlefield, the use of horses vs armoured car in German South West Africa in 1915, the first steps to mechanisation, the...

BLOOD MONEY: Stories of an ex-Recce’s Missions as a Private Military Contractor in Iraq - Johan Raath (HARDCOVER & SIGNED)

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‘I remember the cracking sound of the AK-47 bullets as they tore through our windscreen . . . A piece of bullet struck my bulletproof vest in the chest area and another piece broke off and lodged in my left forearm.’ Johan Raath and a security team were ambushed in May 2004 while on a mission to reconnoitre a power...


Mobile Warfare for Africa: On the Successful Conduct of Wars in Africa and Beyond - (Roland de Vries, Camille Burger & Willem Steenkamp) (SIGNED)

R 1,250.00 R 837.50

Presenting a remarkable amount of experience drawing primarily from South Africa’s Border War in the form of case studies, supported fully by an extensive number of photographs and specially commissioned maps, this study has applications for historians, researchers, and contemporary military practice.This is an easy-to-read book with many real-life case-studies and examples which presents a yardstick for the enhancement of...

Commando: A Guide To Collecting Commando Insignia of the SADF - Marc Norman

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Aimed squarely at the militaria collector and military historian, especially those with a particular interest in the many Commando units that operated within the former South African Defence Force, this latest publication by Marc Norman is set to become the standard reference on this too long neglected subject. A comprehensive and detailed investigation of the insignia that the Commandos as...

32Bn Tree of Honour (POSTER)

R 2,750.00

32 Battalion Tree of Honour - Poster. Signed by 4 Officers Commanding, Col Jan Breytenbach, Col Gert Nel, Col Jock Harris & Col Mucho Delport. Limited edition of 32 posters. Printed on high definition photo paper. Poster size: A1

Commemorative Challenge Coin - "Mad Mike" Hoare

R 950.00

"Mad Mike" Hoare challenge coin commemorating his 100th birthday celebration on 17 March 2019, coin ships with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mike. Coin diameter 50mm. 

Challenge Coin - C (Rhodesia) Squadron 22 SAS Regiment

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The manufacture and sale of this coin have been officially approved by the C (Rhodesia) Squadron 22 SAS Regimental Association and are sold with a certificate. Only 100 manufactured, coins are numbered, diameter 50mm.

SA Special Forces: Fort KZN Challenge Coin

R 950.00

South African Special Forces Association (SASFA): Fort KZN challenge coin

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