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Sold Out

This is a feature length documentary film about South Africa’s “Bush War”, which involved almost 600 000 white male conscripts. The film is told by soldiers who were actually there, on the front line. It is not a political statement nor is it a comprehensive historical blow by blow account. This film aims to look at the personal experiences of conscripts, citizen force soldiers as well as permanent force members.

South African soldiers (mostly conscripts) fought in a protracted war in Namibia and Angola from 1966 - 1989. Most of the operations were top secret for reasons of operational security. These measures kept casualties exceptionally low but the tales of bravery and heart break were never told and the role of South African troopies was never appropriately acknowledged.

The film was produced and directed by Efpe Senekal. It took several years to get most of the interviews done and longer to string them into a story. Cameras were strictly prohibited in the operational area but somehow the resourcefulness of the South African troopies came into play and some managed to smuggle rolls of film in places too ghastly to contemplate. All images come from the SANDF Documentation Centre and from Veterans who kindly donated some of their personal collections of visual material

Duration: 137 mins

Buried Behind The Wall - The Story Of Some Ordinary Guys Doing Extraordinary Things; A Long Time Ago When They Were Soldiers ....

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Tim P.
Buried behind the wall.

A must for any SADF veterans collection. Highly recommended!

Buried Behind the Wall

Excellent DVD. Well made and informative.
Thanks Bush War Books.

Leon Theron
Buried Behind The Wall - The Story Of Some Ordinary Soldiers Doing Extraordinary Things (DVD)

Very interesting. Took me back many years.


Customer Reviews

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