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"The information contained herein is offered to inform, educate, and assist in understanding the worldview of those who commit violence in the name of Islam. I do not intend, nor is it my desire, to foment anger against Muslims as a people group. As Christians, we are called to love everybody and see them as Jesus sees them: lost souls longing to connect with the true God, and souls whom God loves and desires to save. We cannot and must not be militant against Muslims, people like you and I who, like you and I once were, are lost spiritually.

The reality is that nearly eighty percent of the Muslim world detests acts of violence committed in the name of their religion. They believe that those who commit such deeds act in opposition of the tenets of Islam. These people have adopted a peaceful view of Islam. They want nothing more than to live good life, have financial security, raise a family in peace, and enjoy the creation God has blessed us with.

However, the other twenty percent of Muslims do believe in a violent form of Islam and use violence as one method of propagating Islam as a religious belief. Are these simply ill informed of the teaching of Islam? Are they acting in contradiction to the base tenets of Islam? Are they acting in contradiction to the example set by the founder of Islam:
Muhammad bin Abdullah? Or are they indeed fully informed of Islam's sacred scripture and the example of Muhammad, and thus are following what they consider to be a pure and orthodox form of Islam?

This booklet seeks to answer these questions."

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