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Imagine the most tenacious and skilled soldiers in the business fighting in the most brutal of bush wars, Gavin Manning was there, from 1982 - 88, on the border of northern Namibia and southern Angola - right in the thick of it.

The ultra-covert South African special forces unit known as Koevoet (or Special OPS-K) has been shrouded in mystery for three decades. This book will blow the lid off the box and set all the misconceptions straight. 

Manning gives a gripping account of tracking the Soviet-backed terrorists, often right on their heels, using elite skills and technology. The finely honed instincts and supreme ability of the Koevoet operators earned them the reputation of the best counter-insurgency and tracking unit that Africa and the world had ever see.

Dead Men Running is a vital book about the Angolan bush war that finally tells the truth. But it is also Manning's own story - how he realized his dream of becoming part of Koevoet, the brotherhood he inherited, and the friends he made who lost their lives. 

Manning is a skillful writer who will sweep you up into the action with the precision of accurate gunfire.

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