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"OVITA MOZONDUNDU" - War in the Mountains

This is a compilation of stories of the men, women and children that spent time in Kaokoland during the South African Bush War, their trials and tribulations, the memories of their experiences whilst being there as soldiers, wives, children and civilians. Beating the heat, the dust, the stones, the mountains, the sweat, tears, blood and the memories, dreams and nightmares thereafter.

Their memories of the Incidents where lives were lost on both sides, serious injuries sustained, physical and psychological scars that remain and remind them of the good and bad of Kaokoland. But also, the stories of their memories of the good times, the humor, the brotherhood and sisterhood and friendships made for life.

For some unknown reason Kaokoland, once been there, gets hold of your entire being, the ruggedness gets a hold of your soul forever and will forever be a part of you, and you will always long to go there one more time, and then once more and maybe just once again.

Many a poem written, many a pencil drawing sketched...

This is Kaokoland

World of dust and stone

Inhospitable, barren land

At the world's end 

South of the Kunene river

Vein of life for man and beast

Mountains rivers and valleys

Home of earth's own 

Never before told and unknown to many, this is our story.

SOFTCOVER, 692 pages


Customer Reviews

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102 Battalion : Mountains, dust and sweat

Honestly written by many who were involved in 102 Battalion. The first book about the border war that is all inclusive of Tiffies, Permanent Force members, wife's, children. Every persons account is like a book by itself. Riveting accounts about the area and fighting a somewhat different war to the rest of the border arena. The hardships of fighting not only PLAN/Swapo, but the dust, Mopanie flies, Malaria, mountains, thirst and hunger is well documented. I simply could not put the book down. Well done to Deon and all involved to document their experiences - each unique in its own way.

Enjoyable reading

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, as it took me back to my days at 102 Bat. For the first time, I experienced 102 Bat through the eyes of a child, a PF member's wife, a Tiffie and many other role players. I was camping in a big 5 game reserve, with my off road trailer, when I read my copy, and mostly sitting next to a thorn wood fire, which made the experience even more enjoyable. The stories were not overly edited, so the easy writing skills of each writer shines through, adding more authenticity to each story. The size of the font also makes for easier reading for a more " adult reader". Colourful pics rounds to book off perfectly. Well done, Deon, for sharing your dream with us, and giving us such a memorable, touching part of history in written form.


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