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In this thoroughly researched book, Hennie van Vuuren lifts the lid on some of the darkest secrets of apartheid’s economic crimes. The research weaves together material collected in over two dozen archives in eight countries over four years, providing readers with an insight into tens of thousands of pages of newly declassified documents. Interviews with businessmen, politicians, sanctions busters and freedom fighters provide eyewitness accounts of acts of complicity and contrition.

The book argues that corrupt networks of the past stay in business, and rather than face justice invite members of the new elite to the table. This is where South Africa finds itself today, a deeply unequal society battling the legacy of apartheid and the persistence of corrupt networks among its democratically elected leaders. It is a problem faced by many countries with an equally troubled past. In forging its future a new generation needs to grapple with the baffling silence of apartheid-era economic crime.

Paperback, 450 pages. Published April 2017.


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