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Ever wondered what it was really like in the SA police during the “Apartheid Era”?

Find out by walking in the daily footsteps of a young policeman on the borders of “Rhodesia”, in Uniform, as a Detective, in the “Drug Squad” and eventually the secretive and notorious Security Branch. Cross swords with members of “Koevoet” and discover hidden agendas in Namibia.

Delve into unsolved political murder cases that made international headlines – and find the answers! Then, discover the response of the authorities and newspaper groups.

Venture into the merciless mindset of those times. Even the covert photo of the world-known bishop staring out at the Namib Desert is a first-ever disclosure.

It was intended that the stealth “shot” be taken through a lens with cross-hairs! Fact or fiction? You decide, but bear in mind the photo is genuine!

Of course there’s also the intrepid cryptic puzzle. It promises to hide the identity of the mysterious mastermind of those callous times. Will the enigma ever be solved?

Paperback, 354 pages

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    Annabé MARITZ

    I am lucky to know the author. The book is the author's real life. Chapter 12 has a specially meaning for me.
    The book is excellent. The stories are not "sugar coated" and the book take you back to before 1994.
    I recommended this book.


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