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Colonel Schalk Visagie’s book Under Fire in South Africa provides fascinating and important insights into the life of a policeman who was eyewitness to tumultuous events and dramatic developments, which continued to affect our world today.

Coming from a police family, Schalk’s incredible life story includes the Border War in South West Africa/Angola, guarding President P.W. Botha, working in the Security Branch, including dealing with the traumatic St. James Church Massacre, the bombing of Planet Hollywood, leading the Gang Investigation Unit to counter the hit squads, terror campaigns and bombs of PAGAD and QUIBLA.

The very fact that Schalk Visagie is alive today is a powerful testimony to the grace of Almighty God and His answers to the timely prayers of a devoted mother. As the surgeon and ballistics specialist testifies, no one should have survived the deadly ambush on Black River Parkway on Friday, 19 February 1999.

Softcover, 318 pages with 64 black & white and 23 colour photos.

Customer Reviews

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David Walker
Great book

As an American I know little of South Africa. This book brings me one step closer to having an understanding. True page turner and well written. I wish SA could have stayed safe after 1994. I also wish someone would Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia again.

Andre Burger

Excellent book, lots of explanations to previously unanswered questions!

Ken Jayes
Tells the whole story

Excellent read.They are unsung heroes who deserve far more


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