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This wide ranging title deals with everything you didn't know about the total onslaught of the last years of the apartheid era. It tells of assassinations inside and outside of South Africa sanctioned by the State Security Council. It deals with the ruthless killings of friend and foe alike. It deals with the untold story of how South Africa nearly toppled over the brink into civil war in April 1994, and much more.

"Warfare By Other Means" is not an apologia - it is a history, much of it oral and straight from the mouths of those involved. It tells of the actions of the SADF, performed within South Africa with the authority of the National Party Government through the State Security Council, during the "total onslaught" years. It tells how it joined a disastrous attempt by Colonel Mike Hoare's mercenaries to overthrow the Renee regime in the Seychelles because it was "an anti-communist coup going begging" and "it was a shame to waste it". How it secretly paid millions of rands in ransom to secure the release of captured mercenaries who had been sentenced to death.

600 Pages, softcover. First published in 2001.


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