The War For Africa: Conflict, Crime, Corruption and Foreign Interests - Eeben Barlow (LIMITED EDITION - HARDCOVER & SIGNED)

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‘The War for Africa: Conflict, Crime, Corruption and Foreign Interests’ is a hard-hitting account of the undeclared and invisible conflicts and wars that go almost unnoticed in the daily mainstream media. The impact of these economic, military, and political conflicts on the continent and its people is devastating. This book offers a personal, yet disturbing and behind-the-scenes glimpse of much...

Three Years with Sylvia - Mike Hoare

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Mike and his family sail the Western Mediterranean in a 72-foot yacht – a converted 100 ton Baltic trader. The yachting anecdotes bring out the Irish in him. Softcover, 189 pages. The book is newly printed and we sell it as such.

Total Onslaught: War and Revolution in Southern Africa (1945-2018) - Paul Moorcraft

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The end of the Second World War may have heralded peace in Europe but conflicts in Southern Africa were about to begin. The imperial powers were weakened by the cost of war and a string of wars challenged colonial rule in countries such as Namibia, Angola and Rhodesia. Once independence was achieved, civil wars between rival factions unfamiliar with democratic...

War of Intervention in Angola - Volume 4: Angolan and Cuban Air Forces, 1985-1987

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AFRICA@WAR SERIES: VOLUME 54 WAR OF INTERVENTION IN ANGOLA VOLUME 4: Angolan and Cuban Air Forces, 1985-1987 - Tom Cooper, Adrien Fontanellaz, Jose Augusto Matos War of Intervention in Angola, Volume 4, continues the coverage of the operational history of the Angolan Air Force and Air Defence Force (FAPA/DAA) as told by Angolan and Cuban sources, in the period 1985-1987. Many accounts...

War Stories: Up Close and Personal in Third World Conflicts - Al J. Venter & Friends

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Venter's choice of military events is eclectic. He has four chapters on Afghanistan, three on Somalia, several on how Lisbon fought its desperate rearguard colonial wars in Angola, Mozambique and Portuguese Guinea as well as several on the Rhodesian War.As a military correspondent for Jane's Information Group in Britain for much of his career, he has covered conflicts on almost...

Warfare by Other Means: South Africa in the 1980's and 1990's - Peter Stiff

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This wide ranging title deals with everything you didn't know about the total onslaught of the last years of the apartheid era. It tells of assassinations inside and outside of South Africa sanctioned by the State Security Council. It deals with the ruthless killings of friend and foe alike. It deals with the untold story of how South Africa nearly...

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