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Aware that his past is about to catch up with him, a psychopathic KGB agent requests a transfer to Africa. Soon after arriving, the ruthless Morozov leads a small band of communist guerrillas into Rhodesia. Their deadly mission: to down another civilian passenger aircraft. Within hours of the tragedy, Rhodesian security forces activate a hot-pursuit operation. Dax Hunter, a young air force helicopter pilot, makes contact with the evil gang on the banks of the Zambezi. He sets in motion a sequence of events that will forever entwine his fate with that of the crazed Russian.

Events sweep the two men across the globe in a dangerous journey of intrigue, passion and betrayal. Meanwhile, maneuvering between the Cold War’s fragile ententes, the CIA’s shadowy dealings continue to influence events in Central America. With the feisty CIA agent Apple Lacroix at his side, Hunter is unwittingly drawn into a questionable CIA operation … and a showdown with his archenemy.

Fiction, Paperback, 432 pages

Customer Reviews

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Dave Parrington

This is absolutely my kind of book. From start to finish I was gripped by the action packed scenes, the suspense, the, twists and turns and the distinct identities of the characters, who are so well developed and many of whom I could relate to given my own Rhodesian upbringing. This novel is a must read.

Farmer Oz
A Fantastic Must Read!

A League of Warriors is filled with everything from espionage, and corruption to detailed hand to hand combat that makes you feel your right there with the characters. Gary Albyn has set a foundation for his lead character that will surely blossom in series to come. I highly recommend this book to any enthusiasts of military prowess or anyone in search of a great action thriller! You won't be disappointed...

Nick Fergus
Very entertaining!

The author takes the reader on a roller coaster ride around the world ... from Rhodesia and Zimbabwe, to South Africa, Russia, Greece, the USA and Central America. The story itself is a work of fiction but it is so well integrated with superbly researched historical fact that it is difficult to differentiate between the two. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is either interested in a cracking, fast-paced thriller or feels the need to brush up on important historical events of the late 1970's, early 1980's.


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