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An incident on the Botswana border with South West Africa, involving the strange death of a young border guard, puts Specialist Insurgency Neutralisation Squad Officer - Lieutenant Ray Pike - on the tail of a lethal adversary. Ingwe - is a man with a deadly mission which will ultimately impact on the outcome of South Africa’s border war with Angola.

The bloody trail culminates in a battle near a small village deep in Angola, where Doctor Rebecca Goodbrother – the daughter of an American Senator – unwittingly provides Ingwe with the ideal opportunity to sour America’s relationship with the South African Government.Beautiful Paula Getz, an amateur wildlife photographer living a reclusive life on the edge of the vast Kalahari desert, enters Ray’s life at precisely the wrong time – in precisely the wrong place…

Novel, Paperback, 424 pages.

Customer Reviews

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Praise for Geoff M Pereira

African adventure at it's best.
A tale of intrigue and suspense woven through the backdrop of the South African border war.
A compelling, fast paced, unsettling read.
A definite page turner.

Sue Fitzsimmons
Gripping South African Story

CONGRATULATIONS Geoff ! Having read "Our Sins" cover to cover over the weekend, I'd like to congratulate Geoff on a FANTASTIC local story as his debut novel, with strong characters, a great villain and plenty of heart stopping drama, tender moments of friendship and a powerful story pushing towards a climatic ending! A Highly recommended read!

Great Read, Must Read!

Geoff Pereira's first book is a winner. The characters are well developed and believable. He has created a villain for the ages. Ingwe is smart and driven, he is also the worst psychopath I ever imagined. Geoff's multiple storylines weave together to create a very enjoyable and believable book. He introduces us to an area of the world and cultures we (in the US) have little experience with. He shows us the raw beauty of his native South Africa and the intrigue of that time.

If you are a fan of military fiction or just looking for a very enjoyable summer read, this book must be on you list.


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